A woman came across a mysterious note left in a garden — what happened next has since gone

On Dec. 11, Kelly Victoria Kenney took to Twitter to share a moving experience she had back in April 2020. She wrote that one night, while walking down her street, she came across a “fairy garden”. “Our 4 year old girl made this to brighten your day,” a note read. “I saw a part of myself in Eliana’s note, and I knew … she might find some magic in getting a note from a fairy”. Kenney pretended to be a fairy named Sapphire who had come to live in Eliana’s tree. After getting in contact with Eliana’s parents, Kenney and Eliana spent the next nine months writing back and forth. Last month, however, Kenney learned that Eliana’s family had closed on a new house and would have to leave the “fairy garden”. On Dec. 11 (the family’s moving day), Kenney wrote on Twitter that she finally got to meet Eliana and her family. They talked for about an hour and, as Kenney put it, the 4-year-old asked her “a million questions about what life is like as a fairy”. “I hope one day when she’s older she can understand that I truly needed her as much as she needed me these past few months”