Wife of US skier Kyle Smaine speaks out in emotional post after he died in an avalanche in Japan

Instagram/Jenna Dramise

Skier Kyle Smaine’s wife is mourning his death, two months after they got married.

Jenna Dramise shared a slideshow filled with photos of her and her late husband on Instagram, after Smaine died after he was caught in an avalanche on Mount Hakuba Norikura on Japan’s Honshu Island.

“Dear Husband and my whole world, officially married November 18, 2022, which not many people knew about. I’m so incredibly thankful that I got to marry you and have you in my life,” the snowboarder wrote on Jan. 29. “You loved skiing more then anyone I’ve ever met. I picked you up hitchhiking in New Zealand 2010 and who would have thought we would be married 13 years later,” she continued, calling them “the best damn years of my life.”

Dramise wrote that she knew her husband had the best runs of his life when he was in Japan, “and could never blame you for doing what you loved.”

“I do wish I could tell you that one secret I always had, that I loved you. It never really was a secret because I said it at least 10 times a day to you,” she continued. “I can’t wait to see you again. Tonight I hope to ride some pow or bikes with you in my dreams. Love your Wife.”

On Jan. 30, the professional skier’s father, William Smaine, confirmed his son’s death to NBC News. The 31-year-old was one of five foreign skiers who were caught in the avalanche on Mount Hakuba Norikura in Nagano Prefecture, Reuters reported.

Just a day before his fatal accident, Kyle Smaine shared video on Instagram of his skiing in Japan.

Dramise received a slew of supportive and loving messages from friends and athletes on her Jan. 30 post, including pro snowboarder Jamie Anderson, who wrote, “Sending you nothing but love at this time Jenna.”

Free skier and Olympian Brita Sigourney added, “Thank you for sharing Kyle with us. I’ve had some of my favorite ski trips and memories thanks to him. The most positive person and best ski buddy I’ve ever known. I watched him ski an entire week of chamonix pow on pipe skis and never heard a single complaint, only stoke. So much love to you, Jenna.”

“Your love will live on,” commented snowboarder Elena Hight.

Olympic halfpipe skier David Wise also added, “I’m hoping to crush some pow or MTB rhythm sections with him in my dreams tonight too. I’m so glad we had the time we had with him.”

Kyle Smaine, a California native, won a gold medal in halfpipe at the FIS Freestyle Ski and Snowboarding World Championships 2015.

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