Why you need to pay attention to the fall equinox this year

The Earth will experience its second equinox of the year on September 22 — marking the first official day of fall. During its two annual equinoxes, the Earth, will be perpendicular to the sun’s rays and will create a moment where night and day are almost exactly equal. Over the next few weeks, you’ll start to notice the sun setting earlier. In northern cities in the U.S., each day will lose around two minutes of sunlight, the Washington Post reports. More southern cities, like Miami for example, will only lose about 90 seconds. For astrology fans, September 22 is also when the sun enters Libra. According to Cafe Astrology, the next four weeks should be dedicated to balancing relationships and considering others’ needs before your own. Decision-making will be harder too — but this period of stress is supposed to pave the way for bigger and better changes to come