Why you should be ordering holiday gifts now

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It feels way too early to think about Christmas, but now is the time to check some gifts off your list, said Jennifer Blackhurst, professor of business analytics at the University of Iowa.

Why it matters: The high demand for products over the holiday season is expected to further "clog" already backed-up shipping channels, Blackhurst said.

  • Procrastinating means running the risk of not getting your presents on time.

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State of play: Companies are expected to suffer from bottleneck supply and demand through 2021 as they scrounge for raw materials, shipping containers and labor, Blackhurst said.

  • The production slowdown during the pandemic coupled with our surge in demand for goods will keep supply constraints tight, Blackhurst said.

  • Businesses can't keep things in inventory and everything from a Nintendo Switch to the latest toys are at risk.

Plus: The Delta variant sweeping across the globe will further slow trade.

  • China just shut down a terminal at its third-busiest port due to a positive case, CNBC reports.

  • "This delta variant really could mess up the smooth flow of goods," Blackhurst said. "It's definitely going to be another disruption."

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