Why It Is More Important Now, During A Pandemic, Than Ever To Know Your Products From Attorney Mina, Founder Of The Law Office Of Mohaimina Haque PLLC

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WASHINGTON, DC / ACCESSWIRE / September 13, 2021 / Living a health-conscious lifestyle is a way of life for many, and there are literally millions of products out there that people use to keep themselves healthy. When COVID-19 hit in early 2020 concern with being healthy became front and center for a large part of the world's population. As more and more information on research was done on the virus, more and more products hit the markets claiming to treat, prevent, or cure COVID-19. Attorney Mina Haque, founder of the Law Office of Mohaimina Haque PLLC wants people to know why it is especially important during the pandemic to know more about the products one is using to stay healthy.

Knowing your products is important, as Attorney Mina Haque points out the process to get those products on shelves and in the hands of consumers may not be thorough or based on science, or on if the product works. Consumers often fall victim to false advertising, and this has been a particular concern during the pandemic. Attorney Mina Haque wants people to pay attention to what they're putting into their bodies. "During the pandemic, it's more imperative than ever to have the right dietary supplement as consumers fall into the frenzy of products claiming to prevent or cure COVID. Consumers should be more vigilant now to know the products they are taking."

In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not require dietary supplements to be regulated. The industry of dietary supplements is big business, products do not have to include simply vitamin and mineral formulas; they can include herbs, amino, acids, enzymes, and all sorts of other additives in varying combinations and amounts. Dietary supplements are sold in different formats including capsules, gel caps, tablets, powders, liquids, drinks, and so forth. There is a massive global market for these products that only increased after COVID 19 hit. Because these products do not need to go through the process of FDA quality testing for purity, safety, or any other regulation essentially anyone can put a product in the stream of commerce.

A huge disadvantage of such light regulations is that any company can put a label on their product and sell it, as a dietary supplement whether it helps or harms the consumer. This can lead to consumers getting sick or hurt, and patients suffering from true medical conditions taking dietary supplements with no true medical value, rather than proven medical treatments and medications that will help them. Even despite warnings and labels that may say dietary supplements are not intended to treat, diagnose, prevent, or cure diseases, people still take them due to claims made by the product labels and marketing.

This leads to an issue of false advertising, which creates major product liability issues both civil and criminal. Federal and state laws regulate what needs to be put on the label of a product and there can be some very strict consequences for doing false advertising, especially if someone is hurt. In some cases, this can relate to the country-of-origin labeling, other times it is concerning claims the product makes about what it does, or what is included as far as ingredients in the product. Regardless of false advertising being illegal, it happens all the time and often falls to private attorneys who investigate products and as such to become enforcers to monitor the safety and integrity of the labels on these products.

In the aftermath of the COVID pandemic, the FDA has started sending out warning letters to companies selling products claiming to prevent, treat, and cure COVID-19. Consumers remain very interested and focused on buying over-the-counter medications and supplements that they think are going to keep them safe from getting the virus. Regulators and state attorney generals are starting to increasingly look at these products for deceptive advertising claims. Because it is so easy for these products to hit the market, the deceptive or scientifically unsupported claims about products are often taken as fact, and proof that the products work by consumers. If you have any reasonable suspicion or knowledge about any dangerous ingredient or false labeling, Attorney Mina Haque will investigate to see if you have a viable claim. Learn more on her firm's website www.attorneymina.com.

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