Why Hades deserves to be everyone's best game of 2020

Many game outlets have already declared Hades as their best game of 2020. These accolades are well deserved because Hades is more than just a good game. Hades teaches us that “failure” is normal. You will fight through the Underworld and die many times, maybe even a hundred times. Zagreus will learn a bit more about what happened with his parents and Olympus with every attempt. You will learn how to better tackle your next run. Hades is more than just fun — it’s also instructive. Hades taught us how to get through the hellish year that was 2020. Most players will spend over 100 hours to get this ending. Anybody can do this regardless of skill level, but like Zagreus, they’ll need to depend on the one thing: hope. Hades is the 2020 game to lead us into 2021. Many of us may be looking back on this year feeling like they failed something. But as Hades teaches us, “winning” is rarely about victory. Just because you failed doesn’t mean you did something wrong