Is Whole Foods Open on Easter? Here's What to Know for 2022

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Who doesn't have a zany-looking to-do list by the time Easter morning rolls around? Ree Drummond does, for one—and it figures. She's been going all-out for Easter ever since her kids were little. "The Saturday before Easter we buy every plastic egg we can find, and spend hours filling them with candy and stickers before we take them to the church for the big hunt," she says. "We come home for ham, potatoes, hot cross buns—and store-bought chocolate bunnies for dessert!"

Still, it's easy to forget a few necessary items for the special spring holiday. What happens if you were so busy painting eggs, you forgot to buy the pastel-colored Easter candy that goes inside? Or—gasp—the Easter baskets to put the eggs in? Plus, not everyone has time to go all-out on a holiday meal, and sometimes we just want a little help preparing the dinner spread.

Photo credit: Getty Images
Photo credit: Getty Images

That's where Whole Foods comes in! Here, we're sharing Whole Foods' Easter hours in the hopes that even day-of errands won't be quite as stressful. There's no reason your Easter brunch should have to suffer just because you're out of this or that ingredient, after all—and you should be able to hop in your car equipped with all of the latest information. What's more, they offer Easter takeout catering options if you want that extra help preparing your feast!

What are Whole Foods' Easter hours in 2022?

Let's start with the basics: Whole Foods is open on Easter this year! The retailer typically does remain open on Easter Sunday, and it operates under its normal hours, too. Check with your local store, as hours vary by location.

But that doesn't mean you shouldn't still give your local store a ring to confirm that that's the case—after all, it's never a bad idea to double check. And if you can't make it to Whole Foods, there are plenty of other great stores open on Easter Sunday—not to mention several restaurants open on Easter. (Seeing as Walmart's Easter hours are similar, you should have no problem sourcing your groceries there, too.)

Here's to stress-free Sunday prep—and Easter recipes that go off without a hitch!