We've added more to our Bills coverage this season

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Dear D&C Subscribers --

It's likely this newsletter in coming months is going to be mentioning frequently a certain National Football League team that plays not far from Rochester.

All signs point to the 2022 campaign being one that could culminate in the Buffalo Bills winning a Super Bowl. And for those of us who recall the excitement and heartbreak of the 1990, 1991, 1992 and 1993 seasons, that is one exciting prospect.

Our Buffalo Bills writer Sal Maiorana covered the team then and still does now. Few people alive bring as much perspective and insight to all things Bills as does Maiorana. We are grateful for his steady and reliable efforts, which are often peppered with sharp and witty insights about the team's performance week in and week out.

If you haven't, please check out Maiorana's story for subscribers only summing up the lessons learned from Buffalo's summer training camp at St. John Fisher College. Insight abound. For instance, he writes: "But for a man his size, (tight end O.J.) Howard has been awfully tough to spot. We’re told he’s a good blocker, but we don’t get to see that in practices where the defense isn’t allowed to tackle. As a receiver, though, Howard just hasn’t stood out in any way."

Maiorana is a work horse of the highest order. Beyond his regular and frequent Buffalo Bills coverage, he has launched a subscribers-only newsletter. To subscribe to Maiorana's new twice-a-week newsletter, Bills Blast, please follow this link: https://profile.democratandchronicle.com/newsletters/bills-blast

We here at the D&C are thankful for Maiorana's commitment to covering Western New York's favorite team thoroughly and well. And while one journalist's strong efforts don't translate to how well one football team performs on the field, each of us in Greater Rochester can hold out hope that Maiorana next February can finally write the one story that's eluded him: BILLS SUPER BOWL CHAMPS.

Each week, usually on Sunday evenings, we'll email you highlights of our reporting and videography created exclusively for our subscribers. And we'll share with you some "behind-the-scenes" tidbits on how such journalism comes to be.

Below are some other stories written only for our subscribers you may have missed this month.Thank you for your continuing support of local news in Rochester. We’re greatly appreciative.


Michael Kilian

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