WetKeys Unveils Medical Keyboard and Mouse Bundle to Aid Healthcare Professionals Fighting Rising HAIs

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WetKeys creates first medical computer keyboard and mouse bundle for the healthcare sector

ATLANTA, Oct. 28, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- The long-lasting side effects of the COVID-19 pandemic present new hurdles to infection preventionists trying to deliver on their goal of providing safe, quality care. According to a study in Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology, healthcare-associated infections are on the rise. With healthcare professionals re-evaluating their infection control plans, WetKeys Washable Keyboards releases the SaniType Washable Bundle that includes a Medical Keyboard, Mouse, and Mousepad. It is the first complete medical keyboard and mouse solution that fully covers the computer peripheral needs of healthcare workstations.

Without regular cleaning, computer data entry stations in hospitals become weak points in the hospital system's infection prevention plan. Keyboards that look otherwise harmless are fomites that can cause life threatening HAIs. The complete washable bundle is a three-piece medical workstation solution for hospitals, healthcare facilities and dental offices with a fully sealed smooth surface, medical keyboard, fully sealed mouse, and repositionable mouse pad.

"Over the last year, many hospitals have benefited from incorporating SaniType products into their infection prevention processes," said Clay Schoessler, Sales Manager. "Our keyboards and mice are saving hospital staff time and giving them peace of mind while providing patient care. Therefore, we expanded the SaniType offering by creating the all-in-one solution of a bundle for medical workstations."

Routine cleaning protocols are essential to maintaining a robust infection prevention plan. With one continuous silicone surface without grooves or crevices, cleaning computer workstations after every user has never been easier. Both the keyboard and mouse can be sanitized with disinfecting wipes without the hassle of cleaning between keys and a scroll-wheel. WetKeys offers a solution that will facilitate the routine cleaning needed to avoid the creation of fomites and help curb the rising rate of HAIs.

To learn more about the SaniType Washable Bundle with Medical Keyboard, Mouse, and Mousepad, visit SaniType Medical Bundle.

About WetKeys

The WetKeys® Washable Keyboard brand was created with a focus on function for industrial, food processing, and general use with easy-to-sanitize products. Later SaniType® Sanitary Typing created affordable, germ-resistant medical keyboards to help prevent cross-contamination, improving patient safety in healthcare facilities and dental offices.

Today, they have over ten unique product lines and are home to the widest selection of sealed, washable computer keyboards and waterproof computer mice. WetKeys® Washable Keyboards is a member of the Advanced Technology Development Center of Georgia Tech, a certified Small Business Enterprise, and a Certified Diversity Supplier. They have been featured on CNBC, NBC's Today Show, and Fox News.

Media Contact

Matt Dombrowski, WetKeys Washable Keyboards, 866-938-5397, CustomerService@WetKeys.com


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