WEEX Officially Launched, Leading the New Experience of Digital Finance

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Singapore, Singapore--(Newsfile Corp. - January 19, 2022) - WEEX will be officially launched and traded on January 19th after two rounds of public beta. Currently, seven trading pairs of spot and futures of popular digital assets are available, and a series of preferential activities are being launched for users to gain more experience.

Figure 1: WEEX

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According to official information, more popular mainstream trading assets will be added for users to choose from in the future. WEEX launched the "Chinese Spring Festival Giveaway" and "Chinese Name Collecting" campaigns to meet the needs of its users and expand its brand influence in China.

In the public beta of WEEX, the platform gained the active participation and support of users by halving the Futures fees and offering various rewards for account opening transactions. WEEX has improved many functions since its public beta, made the experience smoother, and upgraded its recharge and withdrawal systems. WEEX said that the official launch will be presented to users all over the world with a better appearance, and will learn from users' suggestions, continuously improve and upgrade products and services, and continuously create a good safe trading environment.

Safety compliance promotes sound development

WEEX is committed to safety compliance and provides the most professional, best service, and most private technology for trading. WEEX has obtained licenses and permits from the MSB of America, MSB of Canada, Australia, Dubai, the Philippine Central Bank, Malta, and Malaysia.

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WEEX realized the importance of security protection technology at the beginning of platform building. It has passed the strictest audits and continuous attack and defense tests, opened innovative risk management functions, provided the safest and most private trading technology, protected the platform from attacks, and ensured the security of users' funds and accounts.

In order to ensure the stability and proper operation of the platform, WEEX conducted in-depth discussions and established a multi-layered security protection system with (Shendian Technology, Singsong Cloud Security, HEAP, Armors) four major security vendors.

To improve the user experience, WEEX has also made great efforts in operation: APP and PC download, support for market and API access, accurate and efficient K-line, and providing 7*24-hour customer service by professional customer service representatives. By using OTC trading, WEEX registered users can enjoy fast and efficient 0-price difference trading. Meanwhile, Ubit wallets are specially opened to allow users a more convenient way of paying.

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Unique advantages stimulate global market layout

In 2018, WEEX received an investment fund of $100 million from top Singaporean institutions. To ensure users' safety, WEEX has set up a security deposit pool of 1,000 BTC, and the address of the guaranteed pool is also displayed publicly.

The team at WEEX is distributed in many countries, including Taiwan, and Dubai. The core members are from leading global technology and finance companies. Most have more than a decade's experience with blockchain technology.

The proportion of users is increasing as WEEX's global business expands. Users have been extended to Japan, South Korea, Russia, India, the United States, the Philippines, and other countries and regions such as Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan.

WEEX has been able to grow rapidly in the global market because of its technical advantages and professional services. Additionally, WEEX has actively launched a set of partner programs and has continued to implement the platform's global investment plan, through its exclusive back-office system, real-time settlement system, attractive commission rebates of up to 90%, strong training support, and an array of preferential measures to attract the elite in the market globally.

WEEX was established in 2018, focusing on serving its customers and partners and adhering to a "customer first, partner first" philosophy that aims to give digital currency users safe, reliable digital currency trading services. It is committed to shaping the security of the digital currency trading industry to become a world-class platform for digital currency trading.

WEEX official website: https://www.weex.com

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