Your Weekly Love Horoscope for The Week of December 05, 2022

Your Weekly Love Horoscope for The Week of December 05, 2022. Discover your Weekly Love Horoscope for each zodiac sign here.


Take a big romantic step right away on Monday. Spontaneity is favored, and your enthusiasm is contagious. Strike while the proverbial iron is hot, because your love life slows down on Tuesday and Wednesday. Take this calmly and enjoy your low-key charm rather than getting frustrated. And, never fear, the pace picks right back up on Thursday and Friday, with the potential for a ton of flirty fun, whether face-to-face or online (though couples could argue now unless they make an effort to keep things light). Family or household stuff takes precedence this weekend.


Your famous sensuality is very much in the forefront from Monday through Wednesday. The stars are sending some serious heat your way, so get some romance cooking. Now's not the time for hesitation. Thursday and Friday are, however. Engage your practical side when it comes to love, and zero in on what's really happening rather than barging forward. The remainder of the week finds you in a happy, secure mode, secure enough that if you're single, you can take a gamble, and if you're coupled up, you'll want to tell—and show—your partner how much you care.


Monday is excellent for communication. Messages you send out are snapped right up, so get on it. Some limits are imposed on your love life on Tuesday and Wednesday. Perhaps the cosmos is asking you to do a little less exploring and a little more follow-through? Tap into your hidden powers of concentration, don't avoid issues, and come out smelling like a rose. Thursday and Friday are absolutely stellar for you in the love department. You're extra clever (which equals extra sexy), and everything's fun and lighthearted. This weekend, money and material stuff are uppermost in your mind.


It's a splendid week for you in general, and even more so when it comes to romance. Pick your passion from Monday through Wednesday. The coupled may have some sweet nesting instincts kick in, leading to cozy fun, while singletons are ultra-charming. the energy on Thursday and Friday gives you a devil-may-care attitude and a certain raciness that's pretty darn hot. The stars say bust out of that shell! All your best attributes are accented this weekend, so prepare for deep emotion and spot-on intuition!


Make the most of Monday. The world's a more fun and fabulous place with you in it, so work your magic. Tuesday or Wednesday could find you wanting to go to extremes in the realm of romance, but now's the time to take the middle path, as well as see all the shades of grey. You're a sexy smarty-pants on Thursday and Friday, so locate someone equally brainy and hot to challenge you in more ways than one. Any kind of setting also benefits massively from your presence. Tone it down a notch for the remainder of the weekend. Modesty's the way to go now.

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Your critical faculties are in full effect at the beginning of the week, but you can also look at things from a deeper philosophical perspective. It's a perfect state of being to take a look at your love life and compare notes with a compatible someone. Work may be your primary concern on Thursday and Friday, but in every realm you should be cautious about communication now. Something that sounds sweet to you could come across as sour. The energy you get from others this weekend—whether your partner, a potential one, friends, or family—recharges your heart's batteries.


Bygones are definitely bygones at the beginning of the week, whether you're making up or kissing your past goodbye and charging into the romantic future. The energy's all harmony, and you're extra magnetic. The goodness continues on Thursday and Friday—and gets deeper. You can plumb all sorts of topics and discover all sorts of new things, especially if you work in a team (which, naturally, could get hot). All this might end in some emotional overload this weekend, so plan to decompress and appreciate the little things.


Be straightforward about your feelings and hopes at the beginning of the week. There's enough intensity going on without adding extra drama. Luckily, you like all the excitement, and you're not afraid to be bold. By Thursday and Friday, though, bold isn't the way to go. Rather, you'll want to be thorough in matters of the heart, making sure you've got a full understanding and the whole picture. The weekend looks fantastic for deep conversations (your favorite!) and even some hot stuff. Go with the flow and let your intuition guide you to some sweet places.


A creative, fun, romantic vibe should definitely be seized on Monday, so flirt your little heart out and do it with verve. Communication's still good on Tuesday and Wednesday, but to keep Cupid on your side you've got to attend to the details as well as the big, bold picture you usually like to keep your eye on. Plenty's happening on Thursday and Friday, but you wish someone would get beyond the surface level. Try drawing them out with open-ended questions. Ideas about relationships are up for review this weekend. Plan a summit meeting with your partner or a friend.


Your faithfulness to your own integrity and unstoppable perseverance pay off big time in the realm of romance at the beginning of the week. Shove work to the side and indulge in some leisure and sweet love. An overly complicated idea or situation can be happily simplified on Thursday or Friday. Just pare away the extra until you see the core. The coupled might think their partner is overreacting this weekend, but try to understand how you'd feel if you let your heart rule your mind. Singletons can expect some romantic change. Welcome it.


Talk about a week of ups and downs in the realm of romance! Well, love's just as unpredictable as you are, especially now. Boredom with the same old, same old sets in at the beginning of the week, but if you engage your heart and brain, you can make big discoveries. Then—bam!—Thursday and Friday are suddenly electrified, with romance glowing like a million-watt bulb. You love the kind of shocks you're getting—and giving—now. This weekend, you're totally off your even keel, with emotions rocking you to and fro. Don't overthink it. Take a long walk.


There's plenty of good understanding to go around at the week's outset, and then some. Beauty and romance are in the stars for you, so enjoy yourself, whether it's with a new prospect or a partner. Write a love letter and utilize your bountiful creativity while pleasing someone else, too. On Thursday and Friday, things are changing too quickly to possibly keep up with. Stay neutral and stay loose. This weekend, well, it's back to that great romantic vibe from the beginning of the week. The inspiration you're giving and getting is fantastic.

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