Your Weekly Work Horoscope for The Week of December 05, 2022

Your Weekly Work Horoscope for The Week of December 05, 2022. Discover your Weekly Work Horoscope for each zodiac sign here.


Money issues will be first and foremost for you on Monday. Don't delay. Get them off your plate ASAP. The next couple of days should flow smoothly if you're sharp. Any problems that arise are manageable with a phone call or two. Your contacts will be especially valuable. As the week draws to a close, you'll feel the need to get busy with new projects that may or may not have much to do with the bottom line. Save the evaluation for next week or later. Throw yourself into the thick of it now.


This is no ordinary Monday for you. Expect a rush of good feeling, especially if you're finishing up any long-term projects. Midweek, you'll feel a little rushed, but not so much that it cramps your style or affects your performance. You may be tempted to step up the pace, but there's no need. The latter half of the week brings bonding experiences. Try to make sure that you've got strong connections, so when you need them they'll be reliable. Sunday brings a short time of struggle with your peers.


Monday could be difficult for you as new obstacles crop up or old ones return to haunt you. Don't look for sneaky shortcuts. You'll have to deal with them head-on. The next two days will be much better; you'll find unexpected deadline extensions and much less pressure than you've been used to. Pick the tasks you prefer and leave the rest for later. Deal firmly with financial issues late in the week. Be as direct as possible during any uncomfortable confrontations with peers over spending or investments. Sunday's a great day for making new contacts.


Monday is perfect for networking. You're alert to new possibilities and as charming as can be. The middle of the week will see you shed some inhibitions and raise the right eyebrows while you're at it. Psych yourself up for a big presentation or project. The last half of the week resonates with your natural energy, and people will intuitively look to you for solutions to their problems. This comes in handy when dealing with clients, but it might be a burden with peers. Try to reserve Sunday for yourself if at all possible.


As you start work this week, you'll be in a good position to think about your career trajectory and where you want to be heading. Your closest co-workers are important midweek, so cultivate those relationships and make sure each gets their allotted time. You'll be at the peak of your social power toward the end of the week, able to bend others to your will without making it obvious that they're being led. Keep that warm smile going and they'll follow you anywhere. Sunday marks the beginning of a short phase of big-time success that should be exploited ruthlessly.

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On Monday, it seems like you hand-picked the tasks and people you're dealing with. There shouldn't be any kvetching over incompatibility. Your mental powers peak midweek, so jump in with your opinion at any time that feels right. What you have to say is always worth hearing. Help a supervisor or client get organized late in the week. Your natural talent assists them tremendously and scores you dozens of points. You might be called on at the last minute. Your flexibility will be seen in the best possible light.


Monday is beautiful whether you're working or not. Even the ugliest office decor has its charm as far as you're concerned. Midweek is perfect for brainstorming. You're in touch with your own mental depths and able to bring out the same powers in others. As this phase fades, you'll find that the second half of the week is more difficult and confusing. There might be too many people making too many demands or possibly just too much on your plate. See if you can lighten the load.


It won't necessarily be easy, but try to cultivate your work relationships on Monday. You'll feel a little antisocial, but any effort you put into other people will come back at least double. Pay attention to the fine print midweek. It will pay off when you discover the hidden trap that nobody else noticed. You'll really come into your power in the second half of the week. Negotiations go well for you, and any situation in which you need the upper hand will be yours. Sunday brings a career challenge that you might have to take extra time to handle.


Spread the word early in the week, no matter what you need to say. You've got the chops to express yourself precisely, so now's the time to get it out there. Tuesday or Wednesday brings an opportunity to help shape long-term strategy, but you don't have to worry about getting every last detail exactly right. As the week grinds to a halt, so do your people skills, but don't panic. If you're flexible, you can still win hearts and minds simply by agreeing when you'd ordinarily shrug your shoulders. Sunday is a good time to relax.


The week starts very well for you, and you should be feeling good about where you are and where you think you're headed. Watch out for people who talk a lot but don't have much to say during the first half of the week. Try to get them to cut to the chase, or cut them off. New ideas are important in the second half of the week, and it might be up to you to evaluate them. Whatever happens, make sure that you're open to all possibilities. Sunday might be problematic if you have to deal with anything work related.


Long-timers have a lot to tell you on Monday, so try to act interested. It could be that one holds an important clue for you. Midweek looks promising. You could round up a whole new slate of clients or candidates for that important position. Keep an eye out for connections that spark over small things. Stick to your routine later in the week. That regularity will be the key to helping you deal with the stresses that inevitably crop up. Sunday brings an opportunity for a compromise that works to your advantage.


E-mails or phone calls are vital on Monday, so be sure to stay connected on all fronts as much as you can. The next two days will be busy for you, so much so that you'll want to forestall any new projects or clients for a short time. Try to focus on the home office. Creative work is fruitful during the latter half of the week. Your natural charm will be stronger than ever, and any meetings, presentations, or negotiations will go swimmingly. Try to lie low on Sunday. Your opinion may be slightly discounted.

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