Week 3 Fantasy Football Blog

Week 3 is upon us! If you can't watch the games today, don't worry. Check in here for all of the action around the league during the 1:00 and 4:00 pm ET slate of games.


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4:00 pm ET Games Final Scores

Jaguars 38 @ Chargers 10

Packers 14 @ Buccaneers 12

Rams 20 @ Cardinals 12

Falcons 27 @ Seahawks 23

7:21 - Gage! First… OUCH… Second… What a catch from Gage. The Buccaneers are down 14-12. They are going for two to tie. Oy. Delay of game. Oh no! The two-point conversion is unsuccessful. How was there no flag there?

Prater kicked a successful field goal for the Cardinals.

7:12 - Geno Smith was just picked off!

Meanwhile, Brown has 14 receptions for 140 yards. Not. Too. Bad.

7:05 - Mariota just fumbled! Seahawks have the ball. That was gross. Seattle is deep in their own territory. It was their first turnover of this game for the Seahawks.

7:02 - WHAT? Akers just fumbled and the Cardinals took over! What is happening right now?

6:58 - Oh boy! Matt Stafford found Ben Skowronek who made a great pay for 32 yards.

6:53 - Oh no. Brady went down again.

6:47 - I don't know why Herbert is still in the game. He just took another hit to his fractured rib cartilage.

6:44 - Marvin Jones, Jr. gets in for a Jaguars touchdown! Wait… It's getting looked at. And it is all gravy, baby.

6:38 - Touchdown Cam Akers! He has been heavily involved in this matchup. He has eight carries for 82 yards and a touchdown.

6:34 - Touchdown Drake London! The Falcons take the lead on a 14-yard touchdown pass from Mariota.

6:32 - Another big play! This time it's from Patterson who had a 35-yard gain… then just had another one for 18 yards.

6:29 - Josh Palmer just had a great play from Justin Herbert for a 45-yard gain.

6:25 - The Buccaneers have to settle for another field goal from Succop. That kick is good. They trail the Packers 6-14.

6:21 - Lawrence kept the football with a quarterback sneak. The Jags get the first down on the five-yard line. Christian Kirk gets the touchdown on a four-yard pass from Lawrence. They went for the two-point conversion… which is GOOD! They lead the Chargers 31-10.

Matt Prater just kicked a field goal for the Cardinals. They trail the Rams 13-9.

The Seahawks took the lead 23-20 with a field goal.

6:20 - Rodgers just got picked off! The Buccaneers take over on the Green Bay 48-yard line.

INJURY UPDATE: A.J. Green is questionable and is likely not going to return.

6:00 - Green Bay has it! Russell Gage gave it up and the Packers take over

James Robinson just busted off a huge touchdown run for 50 yards.

5:52 - The Cardinals also have to settle for a field goal.

5:50 - The Seahawks couldn't convert and settled for a field goal.

5:36 - Zach Ertz just had a … nope. Went right through his hands. Booooo.

5:32 - Another turnover for Aaron Jones. Ouch.

5:24 - Rodgers just hit Aaron Jones but he was hit hard and the ball is loose! It's Tampa Bay's possession. The pass was a little hot. Either way, the Packers are still in the lead 14-3.

The Evan Engram touchdown is still under review. It looks like his right foot did not touch. The touchdown was overturned.

5:16 - Tom Brady is struggling. He was just sacked. The Buccaneers trail 14-3 to the Packers.

5:09 - Touchdown Mike Williams! It was close, but he made it happen! Justin Herbert is active today. It's about his pain management.

5:05 - Kupp nearly had another touchdown, but it was not meant to be. Matt Gay's field goal was GOOD after it bounced off the upright.

5:00 - Younghoe Koo just added three for the Falcons to tie it up 10-10.

4:50 - Cooper Kupp! Touchdown for the Rams! Kupp rushed in a 30-yard touchdown… and not to be outdone… Will Dissly (he's a thing now with Geno Smith) scored a TD on an 18-yard pass.

4:46 - I apologize for the delay. Technical issues! Ryan Succop made a 45-yard field goal for the Buccaneers and Romeo Doubs scored for the Packers on a five-yard pass from Rodgers.

Mariota got a one-yard rushing touchdown to take the lead over the Seahawks 7-3.

The Jaguars have a 3-0 lead after their field goal.

4:35 - The Rams almost turned it over in the end zone, but they did settle for a field goal to take the lead 3-0 over the Cardinals.

1:00 pm ET Final Scores

Bills 19 @ Dolphins 21

Chiefs 17 @ Colts 20

Ravens 37 @ Patriots 26

Eagles 24 @ Commanders 8

Raiders 22 @ Titans 24

Lions 24 @ Vikings 28

Texans 20 @ Bears 23

Bengals 27 @ Jets 12

Saints 14 @ Panthers 22

4:15 - Goff was just picked off on a Hail Mary as he was being tackled. That's game in favor of Minnesota.

The Bengals just picked off Flacco and that's game with less than a minute to play.

4:11 - Oh my goodness! The Bills just let time expire but it was because McKenzie couldn't get out of bounds and the time expired. Wow! Holy cow!

4:09 - The Vikings just crushed the hearts of the Lions with a 28-yard touchdown to K.J. Osborn. They lead 28-24 with 45 seconds left to go.

4:06 - The Dolphins' punt is BLOCKED! The Bills will get the ball on the Dolphins'

Goodness! It's Hollins who just scored another touchdown. This was on a nine-yard pass from Carr. The two-point conversion was not successful. The Titans lead 24-22 over the Raiders.

The Lions just missed a field goal. They still lead 24-21 over the Vikings who have the ball back with under a minute.

INJURY UPDATE: Mac Jones is hobbling off to the sidelines.

4:04 - OH NO! Mahomes was just picked off and the Colts will take the VICTORY.

3:58 - WHAT? Justin Tucker just missed an extra point. The Bears just won (they are 2-1), anD.J. Woods just scored another touchdown for the Colts. He'll be a hot waiver wire add this week.

3:56 - The Bears are taking a knee to set up a field goal attempt for the win.

Jackson just rushed in a touchdown for just under ten yards.

The Bills are on the two-yard line.

Ryan just completed a pass to Alec Pierce to get them within 20 yards.

3:51 - Oh no! The Lions couldn't convert and the Vikings take over after Detroit turned it over on downs. Minnesota takes over on the Lions' 30-yard line.

The Bills are within striking distance with an Allen rush inside the red zone (15-yard line).

3:42 - With Dalvin Cook on the sidelines, it's Alexander Mattison with a short run for the touchdown.

The Chiefs have to settle for another field goal, but the kick is NO GOOD.

3:40 - Note to the fantasy self. When Hunter Renfrow is out, fire up Mack Hollins. He added a 60-yard reception to his stats to get him to four receptions for 89 yards.

Oh no! Jones was just picked off in the end zone.

3:38 - When did Mac Jones become so mobile? Who are you and what have you done with diet Tom Brady?

3:36 - The Commanders won't get shut out. Boston Scott was tackled in the end zone for a Washington safety.

3:34 - Let's go back to Miami… it's Chase Edmonds for his second touchdown! The Dolphins take the lead!

3:30 - Ok, Mac Jones… I see you! Rhamondre Stevenson flicked it to Mac Jones as he was getting tackled for a successful two-point conversion. Oh, wait… Maybe not. Looks like Jones was down. Yes, they took the two points off the board.

Tagovailoa just hit Jaylen Waddle for a 45-yard gain. The Dolphins are on the seven-yard line after a Buffalo missed field goal.

INJURY UPDATE: Dalvin Cook looks to be done for the game. He injured his arm and shoulder. Ugh.

3:28 - It's a HUGE Panthers touchdown from… No, not Christian McCaffrey. It was from Laviska Shenault for a 67-yard touchdown. That helps no one.

3:23 - The Chiefs' offense is stalling. They are going for yet another field goal. Oh, WAIT! It's a fake! Buuuuuut, the pass was incomplete.

3:16 - The Titans just turned it over on downs after Tannehill missed rookie Treylon Burks on a deep pass.

Justin Tucker kicked a successful 56-yard field goal attempt. Shocking.

3:11 - Duvernay! On the back of his great return, he got the four-yard touchdown for Baltimore.

Jamaal Williams, again! Get. It. Williams!

3:08 - The Bills are having some issues in the red zone and they are forced to kick a field goal. They took the lead 17-13.

3:07 - Devin Duvernay! Get it! He had a solid 43-yard return for the Ravens.

3:00 - The Bengals are packing on the points against the Jets after Flacco fumbled. Burrow and Chase connected for a touchdown to make the score 27-9.

2:56 - Herbert finished off that Bears' drive with a touchdown.

The Lions kicked a field goal, the Chiefs went for it on fourth down and got it (but they settled for a field goal), and J.K. Dobbins just had a big run to get the Ravens to the one-yard line. TE Josh Oliver got the touchdown.

2:53 - Oh my goodness, Herbert! He just barreled through the Texans' defense with a 52-yard run. E. St. Brown just got another carry for the first down.

The Lions are going for it on fourth down and he finds Josh Reynolds for a Detroit first down.

2:52 - Amon-Ra St. Brown is limping on the sideline for the Lions. Not good.

2:47 - Tagovailoa is back in at quarterback to start the third quarter.

2:45 - The Patriots are in scoring position and Damien Harris easily walks in for a short-rush touchdown.

2:43 - Mack Hollins is getting work for the Raiders in the third quarter. He looks like he's having a good time doing it with a big smile on his face.

2:33 - The Eagles just added another touchdown to their lead over the Commanders with a touchdown pass to DeVonta Smith.

Patrick Mahomes and Eric Bieniemy are having heated words as they head to the locker room. Uh oh.

INJURY UPDATE: Tagovailoa is questionable to return with a head injury.

2:22 - Another deep breath of relief! Dalvin Cook just rushed in a touchdown for the Vikings. He has ten carries for 51 yards and a touchdown.

Oh no! Will Lutz's field goal was just blocked! But the Patriots' 50-yard field goal was good.

2:20 - Rookie WR Chris Olave just had a 49-yard reception from Jameis Winston who is dealing with four fractures in his back. They have stalled on offense until that play.

2:19 - Mark Andrews just scored another touchdown on a 16-yard pass from Jackson.

The Titans just kicked a long field goal and the Chiefs may have just converted a two-point attempt but the play is under review. They looked at it a long time, but they play stands as called. Successful two-point conversion.

INJURY UPDATE: Tua Tagovailoa is heading to the locker room.

2:13 - Err… I think Travis Kelce just scored a touchdown. That was weird. Ok, no touchdown for Kelce. Clyde Edwards-Helaire was also held just short of the goal line. He did score on the consecutive play.

A.J. Brown just scored for the Eagles on a short-yard pass from Hurts.

2:11 - Ouch. Matt Ryan was sacked… again. The Chiefs are in the red zone.

Joe Flacco was just picked off and the Bengals are also in the red zone.

INJURY UPDATE: Garrett Wilson took a big hit and is being attended to on the sideline by the medical staff. He got up and walked straight to the locker room.

2:06 - Pierce just put the Texans on his back in this drive and rushed for 24, nine, and seven yards respectively then rushed in a one-yard touchdown.

2:01 - Oh, hey! It's Adam Thielen in the end zone for a score! Where have you been, my friend?

River Cracraft just scored for the Dolphins, Lamar Jackson was just picked off, and the Eagles are going for it on fourth and one in the red zone. They didn't convert, by the way. The Bengals have to kick a field goal after the Jets challenge overturned a pass to Ja'Marr Chase. Mac Jones ran it in for a Patriots' touchdown after the turnover.

1:57 - Minnesota looks like they are getting some life back. Dalvin Cook just ran the Vikings into the red zone.

Tee Higgins took a big hit and the Jets were flagged for unnecessary roughness. He is heading into the medical tent

INJURY UPDATE: David Montgomery is doubtful for the remainder of the game with an ankle injury.

Vikings are looking at third and goal after Cook's play.

1:56 - You give Henry a yard or two and you're toast. He had a bruising 24-yard run to get Tennessee to the one-yard line. Tannehill kept it himself for a one-yard rushing touchdown.

1:53 - Ryan Tannehill just completed a nice pass to Robert Woods for another Titans' first down in the Raiders' territory. This is a desperation game for both teams who are 0-2. A third loss basically spells disaster for the season and likely for Tannehill.

1:50 - The Bills are knocking on the door with first and goal against the Dolphins. Allen found Isaiah McKenzie on a nice pass to get them into scoring position on the nine-yard line. Allen had to throw the first play away, then Singletary couldn't do much on the next attempt. Allen looked like he was feeling some phantom pressure. On third and goal on the eight-yard line, it's McKenzie who gets the short-yardage touchdown for the Bills. They lead 14-7 over the Dolphins.

Oh no… Fighting going on within the Jets' defensive ranks.

1:40 - The Raiders and the Texans are in the red zone and Carr did a little trick play to Davante Adams. Josh Jacobs made a nice run but was stopped just short of the goal line. Houston's QB was picked off but Eddie Jackson stepped out of bounds which makes it a touchback.

Meanwhile, Joe Burrow found Tyler Boyd for a 44-yard touchdown and Dallas Goedert scored for the Eagles on a 23-yard pass from Jalen Hurts.

Adams comes through yet again, this time on a five-yard touchdown for the Raiders.

Let's not leave out the Lions! T.J. Hockenson just scored as well on a five-yard pass from Jared Goff.

1:37 - Maybe everyone can take a deep breath now that Derrick Henry finally scored a touchdown. They are in the lead 13-3 over the Raiders.

1:35 - Davis Mills connected with Jordan Akins for a 4-yard Texans touchdown and Greg Zuerlein kicked a successful 40-yard field goal for the Jets.

1:30 - The Lions' defense has held Kirk Cousins to only two completions and 17 yards and just forced the Vikings to punt again.

Meanwhile, Allen just coughed up the football in their matchup against the Dolphins and Miami takes over deep in the Bills' territory. On second and goal, Ingold was just short of the goal line trying to punch it in. HC Mike McDaniel just called a timeout. We'll see how this unfolds. Chase Edmonds gets the touchdown for the Dolphins on a short run after the timeout.

Ok, Texans and Jets! Both teams are in the red zone and getting ready to score. Oh no! Rookie Dameon Pierce just fumbled. Luckily, the Texans maintain possession.

1:26 - Khalil Herbert just busted through the Texans' defense for a Bears touchdown. He has three carries for 30 yards and a score so far in Chicago.

1:23 - Mark Andrews did what Mark Andrews does and scored a touchdown for the Ravens on a five-yard pass.

Oh no! Kamara just fumbled and the Panthers scooped and scored against the Saints. This is Carolina's first turnover of the season.

1:18 - Rough day already for Carson Wentz who has been sacked three times already in his revenge matchup against the Eagles. Ouch.

1:19 - Amon-Ra St. Brown just had a big play for 30 yards and Jamaal Williams gets the touchdown for the Lions. Meanwhile, St. Brown's brother, Equanimeous, just had a huge run for 40 yards. The St. Brown boys are getting it done!

1:13 - Well, it might be one of those days. TE Geoff Swaim just scored for the Titans on a two-yard touchdown from Ryan Tannehill.

After being held short of the goal line, Allen found Devin Singletary on a short touchdown pass for the Bills.

Wow… it really is one of those days. Samaje Perine just scored for Cincinnati on a 12-yard pass from Burrow after a whirlwind red zone appearance.

1:10 - Alvin Kamara just had a big run for 27 yards for the Saints and … oh boy! It's getting chippy during the Bills @ Dolphins game already.

The Bengals, Titans, and Bills are in the red zone also getting ready to score.

1:08 - The Colts are getting ready to score on the one-yard line. Let's hope they don't overthink it and go with Jonathan Taylor. Oh boy. It was TE Jelani Woods with a receiving touchdown from Matt Ryan. Ouch.