Weddings after lockdown: What are the new rules in tier 2 and 3 areas? (old)

Sophie Gallagher
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For couples trying to tie the knot, 2020 has presented a unique set of problems ranging from a total ban on ceremonies and receptions at times to small-scale guest lists of 15 people.

From Wednesday 16 December some areas will move into tier 3, due to growing coronavirus numbers. Places affected by tier changes include the whole of London, plus some areas in Essex and Hertfordshire. To check your area use the government postcode checker here.

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Big plans like weddings will be negatively impacted under the tier system and new tier changes. So what should people expect?

Will weddings begin again?

Mr Johnson has previously said that by the spring 2021 “the whole concept of a Covid lockdown” will be made “redundant” by a mixture of vaccine and measures having driven the R-number below one.

This will come as reassuring news for those who have planned summer weddings next year or moved a 2020 wedding back 12 months.

However, he warned, we are not there yet and those looking to walk down the aisle this side of Christmas still face challenges.

The tier one, two and three places different restrictions upon people depending on where they live.

The general rule is that weddings (and collective worship) will be back in business. But what this means in individual settings will still vary.

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Weddings and civil partnerships can happen in all tiers (1-3) with an upper limit of 15 guests, as before, but reception events are banned in tier 3. This is the tier where pubs, restaurants and hotels are also closed (apart from takeaway).

Mr Johnson also reassured people there would not be supplementary rules on top of the tiers. So the rules as you see them will apply.

What tier is my area in?

People can find out which alert level their area falls under using the postcode search available on the government website. You can also refer to a full list here.

The NHS Covid 19 app will also be updated and show which local alert level applies in which area.