Wedding guest dies after bride slams her for ‘petty’ response to save the date

A bride-to-be who shamed a wedding guest over a “petty” response to her Save the Date . was stunned to learn that the guest died just days later, the Daily Mail reports. Amy Domagala, 36, of Chicago, voiced her frustrations in a Facebook group called “That’s it, I’m wedding shaming (non ban happy edition)”. Domagala had reportedly sent a Save the Date invitation to Arlene Post, a friend of her fiancé’s mother, only to receive a snarky letter in return. Post complained that she had to pay an additional charge to receive Domagala’s invitation, adding that an enclosed gifted magnet had cracked in the mail. “I am going to be petty as hell and send her a nasty *** letter back with a check in it for $3.51 to cover her postage and hopefully she doesn’t come to the wedding,” Domagala wrote. Domagala’s wish was granted just days later. In an update, she revealed that Post had died. “UPDATE TO POST: So I submitted this on September 22 (approved 30th) as of September 27th SHE DIED!!!!!!!” Domagala wrote. “HOW CRAZY IS THAT!!!!!!!”. “OMG What a turn of events!” one person wrote