Webselenese acquired by Kape Technologies

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Webselenese is pleased to announce it is joining the Kape Technologies family as part of a transaction worth a total consideration of US$149.1 Million. The acquisition of our business by Kape, the consumer privacy and security specialist, will complement our best-in-class experience of comprehensively informing consumers on privacy and security issues to the group.

In the last ten years, Webselenese has grown its readership substantially, via organic traffic as well as via paid traffic, and in the last year we reached more than 105 million readers globally. At Webselenese, our main focus is to provide content which best prepares our readers to navigate the ongoing challenges to privacy and security in the digital age, with our ‘User First’ approach that places impartiality and transparency at the center of our content. Webselenese will continue to be led by the existing management team and we’re committed to maintaining our impartial editorial and data governance to the highest standards for our readership. By joining Kape we see the unrivalled opportunity to continue with that ethos, with the support to grow and expand into other online industries as we have already begun.

"Having worked in partnership with Kape for the last three years, we are delighted to join forces," said Ran Greenberg and Ariel Hochstadt, Co-founders, Webselenese. "We share the same ethos, and our vision to create a company which promotes and provides unparalleled digital privacy and security to our customers worldwide. We are excited by the opportunities that we believe exist for the enlarged group and are looking forward to our future as part of the Kape family."

"We’re excited to welcome Webselenese to Kape," said Ido Erlichman, Chief Executive Officer, Kape Technologies. "The privacy and security space continues to evolve at an ever-increasing rate. Consumers are increasingly looking for a more comprehensive view on privacy and security issues to inform the decisions they make to navigate their personal sphere online – the addition of Webselenese to Kape broadens our footprint and expertise in the growing privacy and security market for consumers."

Notes to editors:

About Webselenese

Throughout the past 10 years, Webselenese has become a top tier destination for consumers looking to better understand the cybersecurity market, as well as a platform for brands to reach relevant consumers. The business is headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel and is wholly owned by co-founders Ran Greenberg and Ariel Hochstadt (has 29 employees and many more service providers around the world). Webselenese has extensive reach, with over 105 million readers in 2020 globally. Its websites are also very well-regarded, having received many thousands of user generated reviews. Webselenese was founded with the goal to provide the best in-class privacy and security related news and product information to users across the globe.

About Kape Technologies plc ("Kape")

Kape is a leading 'privacy-first' digital security software provider to consumers. Through its range of privacy and security products, Kape focuses on protecting consumers and their personal data as they go about their daily digital lives. To date, Kape has 2.5 million paying subscribers, supported by a team of over 350 people across eight locations worldwide. Through its subscription-based platform, Kape has fast established a highly scalable SaaS-based operating model, geared towards serving the vast global consumer digital privacy market.

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