Weather system could bring days of hit-and-miss storms

Oct. 4—A slow-moving weather system over northwestern Arizona is likely to split, sending one system around northwestern New Mexico and the other to the state's northeastern areas.

The result could bring rainstorms to parts of Northern New Mexico, reminiscent of the summer's wet monsoon pattern, said Scott Overpeck, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Albuquerque.

"We're stuck in between the two," he said.

The chances for rainfall and thunderstorms will continue through the end of the week, he said. "It's going to be hit-and-miss type activity, but each day there will be a chance of rain."

The chances for rain in the Santa Fe area will range from 50 percent to 75 percent Tuesday and Wednesday and about 40 percent Thursday and Friday, Overpeck said.

Temperatures will be cooler, ranging from the low 40s to mid-60s.

Another surge of moisture could come into the state over the weekend, he said, bringing a chance of showers ranging between 40 percent and 50 percent.

Overpeck said his agency remains "worried about burn scar areas from the rainfall," as heavy rains can lead to intense flash flooding in regions scorched by this year's wildfires.