Wealth Solutions Report Announces Inaugural Wealth Exemplar Award Winners

First Annual WSR Wealth Exemplar Awards Recognize Exemplary Contributions To Wealth Management Industry, Trendsetting Firms And Transformative M&A Transactions

NEW YORK, Dec. 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Wealth Solutions Report (WSR) – the fast-growing B2B digital media platform featuring wealth management-focused commentary, insights and analysis – today named the winners of the inaugural WSR Wealth Exemplar Awards. Announced in mid-November, the invitation-only awards recognize firms and individuals who contributed on an exemplary basis to the wealth management industry.

Larry Roth, Founder & CEO of Wealth Solutions Report, said, "After several weeks of reviewing outstanding firms, impactful M&A deals and truly exemplary executives, we are thrilled to announce the winners of the WSR Wealth Exemplar Awards. This year's Wealth Exemplar awardees are a testament to the innovative spirit, vision for growth and commitment to aligning wealth management with a broader mission that exist throughout our industry. My editorial team and I congratulate the winners and wish them the best of success in 2023 and beyond."

WSR Wealth Exemplar Awards Winners

The winners in each category of the WSR Wealth Exemplar Awards are as follows:

  • Hybrid RIA of the Year  – This award goes to the top three RIA firms that offer fee-based solutions as well as commissionable services in affiliation with a broker-dealer, through either W-2 or independent financial advisors, or both. Minimum $250 million in assets.

  • Fee-Based RIA of the Year – This award goes to the top three SEC-registered RIA firms that focus primarily on fee-based solutions for clients, working through either W-2 or independent financial advisors, or both. Minimum $250 million in assets.

  • Private Equity-Backed Firm of the Year – This award goes to the top three wealth management firms that have received significant or majority equity investments from private equity, venture capital or other institutional investors for expansion and growth purposes. Minimum $1 billion in assets.

  • Alternative Investments Platform of the Year – This award goes to the top three firms that provide a platform for helping financial advisors align alternative assets with their retail investor clients. Minimum $10 billion in assets.

  • Asset Manager Platform of the Year – This award goes to the top three firms that have a significant presence in the wealth management industry and operate as third-party asset managers that serve B2B wealth management platforms. Minimum $10 billion in assets.

  • Deal of the Year – This award honors the top wealth management M&A deals of the year across five asset size categories, with one awardee for each asset size segment as follows:

  1. Mega Deal of the Year ($20 billion and over)

  2. Large Deal of the Year ($7 billion to $20 billion)

  3. Upper-Mid-Sized Deal of the Year ($2 billion to $7 billion)

  4. Mid-Sized Deal of the Year ($500 million to $2 billion)

  5. Boutique Deal of the Year ($200 million to $500 million)

Deals are selected based on their impact and importance to the industry as well as how they reflect ongoing industry trends. Asset size ranges are approximate.

  • Family Office of the Year – This award goes to the top three financial advisory firms with a majority or significant focus on ultra-high net worth client families and engage in (themselves or through affiliates) sophisticated, tailored services typically offered to this clientele such as concierge services, tax and estate planning and art investment advice. Minimum $500 million in assets.

  • Retirement Plan Advisory Firm of the Year – This award goes to the top three wealth management firms with a majority or significant focus on advising retirement plans under ERISA. Minimum $1 billion in assets.

  • Wealthtech Firm of the Year – This award goes to the top three firms providing technology solutions for firms that operate within the non-institutional wealth management space. Minimum $250 million assets served.

  • Practice Management Platform of the Year – This award goes to the top three practice management platforms either in-house within a wealth management firm or delivered via a third-party consultancy or solutions provider, with offerings that may include, among other areas, consulting, operational efficiency, succession planning or advisor marketing.

  • Retirement Income Solutions Provider of the Year – This award goes to the top three firms that specialize in helping financial advisors align their clients with retirement income planning and retirement income generative vehicles. Minimum $250 million assets served.

  • Person of the Year – Someone who, at an individual level, has exhibited exemplary vision for transforming the wealth management industry and has taken significant concrete steps to do so. This award also recognizes the year's standout distinction as part of a broader career that's shown consistent vision and boldness.

"I have served in this industry for decades, and based on our review of this year's awardees, I'm more optimistic about the future of the wealth management space than ever," concluded Mr. Roth.

WSR's Wealth Exemplar Awards series builds on the success of its Pathfinder Awards series, which contributes to the diversity and inclusion of the wealth management industry. The Pathfinder Awards honor outstanding executives during Black History Month, Women's History Month, Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month and National Hispanic Heritage Month, giving them a platform to engage the industry on diversity improvement.

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