Investors and Partners include Makers Fund, Behold Ventures and Dreamhaven

UMEÅ, Sweden, Feb. 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Veterans from EA DICE and Embark Studios, including former Star Wars Battlefront creative director Dennis Brännvall, together with production director Adam Clark, technical director Manne Ederyd, and studio director Fia Tjernberg, today announced Wayfinder Games, an independent game development studio based in Umeå, Sweden.

Wayfinder Games Logo
Wayfinder Games Logo

On a mission to create original roleplaying games for players around the world, Wayfinder's founders have proven experience in Creative Direction, Engineering Architecture, Production, Marketing, and People Operations. The development team is drawing on decades of experience working on top-grossing titles across consoles and PCs including Star Wars Battlefront, Battlefield, Angry Birds 2, Star Stable, Anarchy Online and Minecraft.

"Our team members have created some amazing games over the past decade and we're thrilled to assemble such a highly experienced and talented team," said Fia Tjernberg, CEO. "We're on a mission to make Wayfinder Games a wonderful, values-driven place to work and together with our devoted partners, we're committed to keep evolving how we collaborate in a fully remote environment."

Wayfinder Games has grown to 18 seasoned developers, and plans to continue hiring in 2023. With permanent remote-work options, flat salary increases without performance reviews, and unscheduled afternoons for focus time and flexibility, they are recognizing that the games industry is taking a few giant leaps forward towards a more sustainable future. Wayfinder Games will always strive to be on the forefront of a more healthy industry.

"As a studio we want to lead with our love for role-playing games and the joy of sharing that love with your own gaming communities," said Dennis Brännvall, game director. "We're combining ideas from the entire spectrum of the genre, whether it's childhood friends that fondly recall their tabletop campaign stories, or the group euphoria that comes from defeating that raid boss for the first time in your favorite MMO. We hope to build games that support the creation of these joint stories."

"Wayfinder Games is a shining example of what a modern, innovative developer can be," said Archie Stonehill, Principal, Makers Fund. "Dennis, Fia, Adam, and Manne founded Wayfinder not only as supremely talented and accomplished game developers, but also as close friends and colleagues who loved working together, and they have made that culture of collaboration and creativity the heart of Wayfinder Games. We believe the talent they have attracted is a testament to this culture and we at Makers are excited, and thankful, to be part of it."

"We're rallying around role-playing games and this experience of adventuring together," added Tjernberg. "By leading with caring, honest, brave, and humble behaviors, we believe our team is well equipped to explore new ideas and unlock our full creative potential within this genre."

Wayfinder Games is accepting letters from applicants and will open roles for hire. To learn more about the Wayfinder Games culture and mission, visit wayfindergames.com, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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