Water Safari Resort in Old Forge to reopen June 15

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Water Safari Resort in Old Forge announced that it will be reopening Wednesday, June 15.

It will open with eight new cabanas as well as a new building housing Boardwalk Fries and one of the park's three 'Dack Shacks. In preparation for opening, the park is looking to hire new staff for the 2022 season.

Water Safari states it is "New York's largest water theme park," boasting over 50 rides, shows and attractions. For patrons who are looking to stay dry, the park also offers traditional amusement rides, concessions, shops, private cabanas as well as activities ranging from go-karting to rock-climbing.

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The new additions to Water Safari include eight new cabanas split between four locations in the park; two at the bottom of its newest rides (Serengeti Stampede, Mamba Srike and Killermanjaro's Revenge), two between the Wave Pool and Amazon River, two along the path from the Wave Pool to the Adirondack Expedition and two on Cabana Island.

A view from Cabana Island, where two of the eight new cabanas will be placed in the park
A view from Cabana Island, where two of the eight new cabanas will be placed in the park

The park also tore down the old octagonal shaped Boardwalk Fries building and replaced it with a larger, rectangular shaped one that also houses a 'Dack Shack, where adult patrons can buy alcoholic beverages. This change was made in an effort to better meet heavy customer traffic.

"The large foot print will allow us to be more efficient and accommodate more guests for better speed of service," said Katie Wojdyla, vice president and director of marketing, in a news release.

Wojdyla estimated that about 30 to 40 job openings are available for this year's summer season. Water Safari is especially looking for applicants in its Reservations, Office/Administrative Assistants, Admissions, Lifeguards, Housekeeping and Food Service departments.

"I think with another year of living with COVID, lots of people cooped up over the winter, it's time to get outside and get some fresh air," said Wojdyla. “Hopefully it’s a good opportunity for families to come out and make memories.”

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