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Overlooking view with a water bottle
Overlooking view with a water bottle

Tired of walking to the kitchen every time you want a glass of water? Or are you guilty of buying single-use plastic bottles when traveling? The environment deserves better than that and you already know it. But it’s not just about keeping the planet safe, your health and convenience matter too.

You can keep one of these products close and rest easy knowing that nobody else will be touching it. And if you’re the type of person who’s always dehydrated because you forget to drink enough, buying a flask is a sure-fire way of staying hydrated. And, to make your search easier, we’ve compiled a list of the best water bottles in 2022.

Buying one may not be an extravagant expense but it’s certainly something that goes a long way. However, you shouldn’t just buy the first product you see. A water bottle should put an end to your problems, not start new ones. If you choose the wrong product, perhaps one laden with toxic chemicals, you are no better off than before. What’s the point of that? So, consider buying one of the products from our curated list and embrace healthy living and environmental consciousness.

Top Picks

Best Overall: Takeya Water Bottle

This BPA-free, food-grade water bottle won't transfer flavors and does not sweat
This BPA-free, food-grade water bottle won't transfer flavors and does not sweat

This option from Takeya is a premium dual insulated product made from industrial-grade stainless steel. This product is so impressive, in fact, it’s nabbed our “best overall” award, owing to the extreme functionality and value it provides customers. It is designed to maintain temperature when the lid is secured. The manufacturer claims that colder liquids retain their temperature for up to 24 hours and hot beverages will stay warm for around 12. Assuming, of course, the lid isn’t opened in the interim. Plus, every material used in making this item is certified BPA-free, meaning you can drink from it on the go or at home, all completely stress-free. This product can hold 40 ounces of liquid, keeping it locked inside and eliminating the possibility of leaking due to the sturdy spout lid. One of the more compelling highlights has to be the hinge lock, allowing you to drink while the cap is still attached. Although pretty simplistic in design and appearance, these products are perfect for traveling.

Key Features:

  • A convenient handle is included, offering portability

  • Wide drinking mouth

  • The cap can be easily unlocked by twisting

Great Color Variety: Nalgene Water Bottle

Great look and innovative carrying solutions for your liquids
Great look and innovative carrying solutions for your liquids

Nalgene’s athlete-friendly product is made from food-grade metal and plastic. It is 100% BPA-free, supporting the health and wellbeing of its users. Customers get a whopping 2-pound capacity for a range of liquids, keeping you hydrated for a great deal of time. And, there’s no need for constant refills either. You can take this option on trips in the great outdoors or simply keep it perched right next to your workstation at the office. But what sets this product apart? For one, the exterior features a volume scale, great for people wanting to keep track of their water intake. It lets you navigate progress and record how much water you’ve consumed throughout the day without relying on estimates. A carrying handle is also included, extending convenience and the mouth is wide enough to support hassle-free cleaning.

Key Features:

  • Easy to unscrew lid

  • Clipping loop that latches onto backpacks and harnesses

  • Translucent design reveals what’s inside

  • The product is available in 23 different colors

Toxin-free: Pogo Water Bottle

Great to have while working out or in the cup holder when you are on the go
Great to have while working out or in the cup holder when you are on the go

Don’t let the name fool you, Pogo’s water bottle flaunts an abundance of features you won’t find anywhere else. This option has a simplistic design, towering into a slender top covered by its sturdy lid. You can tuck this product into the side of your briefcase, lunch bag, and even a purse! On the versatility front, there’s plenty to impress even the toughest of critics. Its dark and muted tone makes a solid statement all while bolstering hydration and health. The bottle is made of durable Tritan, capable of withstanding impacts from falls without cracking. What makes this product different from the rest is its tiny cup holders. So, technically, you can drink from it in two different ways. Given the cup's tiny size, it’s still useful enough to get a positive reception from users. Plus, there’s a leak-resistant cover, maintaining your peace of mind. Nobody wants water leaking onto their stuff!

Key Features:

  • The plastic is 100 % BPA, PVC, lead, phthalates and cadmium-free

  • Available in seven vibrant colors

  • A 1.1-pound capacity easily lasts a few hours

Environmentally friendly: Hydro Cell Water Flask

Hydro Cell sets the standard for new colors/styles and ensures manufacturing excellence not found elsewhere
Hydro Cell sets the standard for new colors/styles and ensures manufacturing excellence not found elsewhere

Ditch pesky plastic single-use containers and upgrade to this virgin-sourced stainless steel powerhouse by Hydro Cell. Its cylindrical design is detailed with food-grade stainless steel walls, keeping liquids safe, hygienic, and protected from harmful particles. And, due to the steel’s superior quality, there’s minimal risk of rusting, oxidation, or corrosion, meaning this product can last years without needing a replacement. The manufacturer claims cold liquids are preserved for 24 hours and hot liquids can retain their temperature for up to 8 hours. So, pour some coffee and keep it hot throughout a workday without paying a penny at Starbucks! When it comes to ergonomics, a double-lined insulated wall, combined with copper plating, ensures a top-notch internal structure. And, its grip tech powder coating keeps everything sealed, unlike regular wet paints that can contaminate food. Overall, this product achieves more than traditional varieties, and does it in stride!

Key Features:

  • Manufactured with environmentally conscious standards in mind

  • Customers can obtain free refunds and exchanges on their purchases

Great Capacity: Iron Flask Water Bottle

It assures that you stand out with a very durable and elegant bottle
It assures that you stand out with a very durable and elegant bottle

This uber functional iron flask is fully insulated, keeping your liquids as intended. With 24 hours for cold beverages and 12 hours for hot, you can rely on quenching your thirst at just the right time and temperature! And guess what? This product comes with a total of 3 leak-resistant lids. Plus, each lid offers unique functionality, you can flip it, sip through a straw or easily twist the cap open. While there’s a plastic lining inside the lid, it is mostly made with stainless steel, preventing heat from escaping from the top. Additionally, the 18/8 premium stainless steel used is 100% BPA and toxin-free. So, no matter how long a liquid sits inside the flask, it will remain as hygienic as it was before it was poured in. The inner lining of the flask also prevents rust and oxidation, offering longevity while preserving optimal taste.

Key Features:

  • Impeccable powder coat exterior

  • Customers benefit from a whopping 2-pound capacity

  • This product is available in 24 different colors

A buying guide to the ultimate water bottles

Are you one of those people who think only students carry water bottles around? Well then, it’s time to debunk that myth once and for all. In recent years, the popularity of compact drinking bottles has surged. This is due to the hustle culture, a growing focus on fitness, and the overall importance of staying hydrated. Today, everyone from teenagers to older adults can be seen sporting a flask or container. After all, they’re handy and you get to keep them close by and never go without a thirst-quenching drink. And, let’s not forget how keeping a personal water bottle can be an absolute lifeline for germaphobes.

Keep your eyes peeled for these factors when buying water bottles

Powder coating

It may sound weird, but less expensive water bottles have synthetic paint linings on their insides. This is not the same as traditional paint, however, it’s not super effective either. Knock-off varieties’ paint can chip off, degrading their reflective power, and ultimately, reducing their heat-retention. Reliable products, on the other hand, use a sturdy powder coating. This layer is essential when it comes to determining the quality of a water bottle. From preventing corrosion to eliminating odors, powder coatings offer countless advantages you don’t want to miss out on.

Dual-lined vacuum

Look for double-walled vacuum products rather than settling for their single-lined counterparts. In simple terms, the former doubles the magic, literally. By reinforcing the vacuum, your liquids stay hot or cool for longer periods.


Before shopping, make sure you know why you’re buying a water bottle and how you intend on using it. The answer will help you choose one with suitable capacity. If it’s for taking to the gym where you’ll stay for an hour or two, 3 pounds is probably too much. Conversely, you might need the biggest size if you’re going to be away for hours. If you’re still unclear about which size to go with, get a standard 1.5-2 pound bottle.

Portability features

Water bottles are great but lugging them around just isn’t. You don’t want more things you have to carry around. Ideally, products with an attachment hook are best, but if you can’t find one, opt for a product with a handle. Either way, you can still tie it to a bag or briefcase.


BPA, which is commonly found in plastic products, can have devastating effects on human health. It’s a sneaky toxin, creeping up on you after a long period of doing silent, nearly undetectable damage. Naturally, you should stay as far away as possible. When buying a product, whether it’s made of metal or plastic, make sure there’s a BPA-free label. Many people forgo checking when they’re buying a stainless steel container. And, don’t forget, the inside of most lids is made of plastic!

Is stainless steel a better option for water bottles?

We hope you weren’t expecting a definite “yes or no” on this one. As long as the plastic is BPA-free, stainless-steel bottles aren’t always the optimal choice. The way plastic versions are designed makes them easier to clean. And, you can see what’s inside because the exterior is either translucent, partially tinted, or completely transparent. Not to say there aren’t opaque plastic bottles around, but since they aren’t as visually appealing, you won’t see many of them targeted to adults. Similarly to plastic, stainless steel comes with lots of benefits. From being environmentally friendly to offering a sleek appearance, you’ll probably find more pros than cons compared to plastic. However, your decision to buy plastic or metal is wholly subjective. What truly does make a difference is quality, so look for a reputable manufacturer before focusing on anything else.

Are carabiner straw lids susceptible to mold?

Anything small and narrow and hard to clean can lead to buildup. Unfortunately, carabiner straw lids might succumb to mold faster than wide-mouthed versions. However, with extra care and scrubbing, you won’t have to toss it away anytime soon.

People also asked

Q: Are metal bottles more expensive than plastic?

A: Yes and no. This depends on the quality of the materials used as well as the brand’s integrity. Generally, however, metal bottles are a bit pricier.

Q: How do I clean my water bottles?

A: Stick to the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning. While some bottles may be suitable for the dishwasher, many aren’t. If you’re cleaning by hand, use a brush for scrubbing the inside with strong dishwashing soap and rinse it out thoroughly before using. For plastic bottles, you might want to wipe their surface with a towel, preventing moisture spots from degrading their appearance.

Q: Why won’t my bottle keep liquids warm?

A: Either your bottle doesn’t have a vacuum lining or it’s poor quality. Seek the seller for a possible refund or exchange if the product claims included temperature control.

Q: What’s the cheapest price for a water bottle online?

A: Water bottles are available at affordable prices as low as $6-$9.