How to Watch ‘She-Hulk: Attorney at Law’ Online

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Marvel is back with another comic book adapted series, this time based off of the beloved lawyer-turned-superhero Jennifer Walters played by Tatiana Maslany.

The series, whose first episode arrived on Disney+ this morning, follows Walters as she transforms into the 6-foot-7-inch She-Hulk after getting cross-contaminated with the blood of her cousin (The Hulk) played by Mark Ruffalo. Much of the season revolves around the legal drama that ensues within Walters’ firm which specializes in superhuman cases, while the first episode focuses mainly on Ruffalo’s Hulk teaching Jen how to contain and best use her new superhuman abilities.

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These first scenes, which take place on a far-flung tropical island, serve as an introduction to the wildly different ways Jen and Bruce go on to deal with their parallel superpowers throughout the rest of the show. Unlike Bruce, who we see struggle with suppressing his powers throughout the “Avengers,” Jen insists that she “has no trouble controlling [her] anger,” a pointedly gendered difference that gives the She-Hulk storyline a fresh twist in this new iteration.

“It helps, too, that Maslany and Ruffalo instantly find a spark of familial chemistry even through all the heavy Hulk CGI shrouding them — which, nervous fans should be relieved to hear, fares better in its final form than the show’s first trailer suggested,” Variety TV critic Caroline Framke writes in her review. Plus, a mid-credits tag scene features a comical bit as Jen tries to coax Avengers gossip out of Bruce.

In order to watch the new “She-Hulk” series, you’ll have to sign up for a Disney+ account which includes thousands of original movies and shows for $7.99/month. However you get the most bang for you buck with the Disney Bundle which wraps in Hulu, Disney+ and ESPN+ for only $19.99/month.

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