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Machine Gun Kelly was given quite the makeover by fiancée Megan Fox and his assistant Olivia Stone on Instagram live.

On Monday night in a London hotel room, roughly 15,000 of his 9.7 million Instagram followers tuned in as the 32-year-old musician requested an Avatar and Doja Cat inspired look from the future — the year 3050 to be exact.

MGK is currently in Europe for his Mainstream Sellout world tour which ends Oct. 12 in Amsterdam.

Showing off his tattoos while shirtless in front of a mirror, and with an array of makeup products on the table, Fox, 36, and Stone happily went to work on his glam. MGK sipped red wine and rapped to his music playlist as Fox focused on the left side of his face, and spent quite a bit of time filling in his eyebrows. Stone worked on his contour, foundation, and silver eyeshadow.

As some of the commenters on his Instagram Live feed criticized him for willingly putting on makeup, the Bloody Valentine artist responded with a curse laden response. He called them "b---- ass motherf----rs" before pressing his hands together and adding, "Namaste," a peaceful Hindu greeting.

At one point, MGK commented that he wanted food, and he and Stone headed to a different area of the room, leaving Fox alone. She immediately called out to them, jokingly saying she did not know what to do on an Instagram Live video and felt uncomfortable being on the social media platform by herself.

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When the makeup session resumed, the Jennifer's Body star worked on his eyeliner, but the line was officially drawn when the ladies insisted on adding fake eyelashes.

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"I said make me look like 3050! Give me blood coming out of my nose. I don't want lashes," he told Fox. "No, you're not putting these on me!"

At that point, MGK said it was a wrap. "Nope and I'm done. And we're done. Thank you guys for joining us live I don't know what the f--- just happened and peace!" he said before ending the live video.

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Like MGK, Doja Cat, 26, is known for her unique style, and back in August she shaved both her hair and eyebrows off on Instagram Live in front of shocked followers.