Team USA Divers Take Us on a Video Tour of Their Olympic Village Apartment - the View Is Unreal!

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Come with Team USA divers and Olympic silver medalists Delaney Schnell and Jess Parratto as they take us all on a private tour of their Olympic Village apartment. You'll be shocked how spacious it is! We were expecting it to be the size of a small dorm or hotel room, but this is like an actual apartment we'd live in.

Schnell starts with the display of letters written from adoring kid fans, and they even have a spare room. We get to see her and Parratto's bedrooms complete with their cardboard bed and where Parratto keeps her clothes, including her closing ceremony outfit. The bathroom doesn't have tons of storage, the toilet has lots of buttons, and we can't get over the size of the shower! The kitchen is stacked with snacks, water, chocolate, coffee, and tea. We love the gorgeous view from the balcony, but we think our favorite part is the letters from home to really personalize it and make it a home away from home. Watch the full tour above.

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