Watch: This Father's Day, Very Smart Brothas Is Giving Some Flowers to a Few of Our Favorite Unsung TV Dads!

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As is typically the case with Father’s Day, there’s usually some conversations somewhere online about the great Black TV dads. Even one young Jermaine Cole, aka J. Cole, aka, Light-skinned Jermaine, immortalized James Avery’s Uncle Phil (of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air fame) in verse when he said, “first things first, rest in peace, Uncle Phil...for real....” on “No Role Modelz” from his 2014 classic album, 2014 Forest Hills Drive. And when it gets hip-hopped, you know it’s real. Even James Evans has been immortalized in song when Outkast used the famous lines from Good Times when Florida found out James died, “DAMN DAMN DAMN (James)” on their 1998 song “SpottieOttieDopalicious” from their own certified classic album, Aquemini.

But what about the Black TV dads that don’t always get their flowers? Uncle Phil, James Evans and You Know Who aren’t the only famously great Black TV dads, right? So we decided to pull up at Black TV Dad Central and give some flowers to a few others who were just as important (some more famous than others) who typically get brought up in this conversation in a “yo, but what about (him)?” fashion. From Carl Winslow to Roc, there are a whole hell of a lot more Black TV dads who provided guidance and a foundational model for which to view Black fatherhood.

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So check it out, peep our video dedicated to Unsung Black TV dads. We’re feeling very floral today.

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