Watch: Ball slips out of Trevor Lawrence’s hand on fourth down

A rainy, windy day in Philadelphia didn’t stop the Jacksonville Jaguars from racing out to a 14-0 lead with a pick six and an 80-yard touchdown drive, but it did prevent the team from converting a fourth down in the second quarter.

On a fourth-and-three situation in Eagles territory, the Jaguars faced a tough decision between a 51-yard field goal in rough conditions or an attempt to convert on fourth down. The typically aggressive Doug Pederson opted to go for it and appeared in good position to convert when the ball slipped out of Trevor Lawrence’s hand.

Lawrence scrambled free after the Eagles’ defensive front collapsed the pocket and a CBS replay showed Jaguars receiver Tim Jones wide open near the first down marker.

Instead of a conversion deep in Philadelphia territory, the Eagles took over and stringed together a couple big plays to get into the red zone. Then Jalen Hurts scored on a three-yard rushing touchdown on fourth down to cut the Jaguars’ lead to 14-7.

Story originally appeared on Jaguars Wire