WalleyGrip, All-in-One Wallet/Grip/Stand Launches to Declutter Your Life and Carry Less On-the-Go

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Take Only What You Need as You Head Out and Leave Your Wallet Behind

NEW YORK, Oct. 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The days of the two-inch thick wallet are over! Nobody wants to use a heavy wallet or purse while they also have to carry their phone. To declutter your life and carry less when on-the-go, InfinaCore today introduced WalleyGrip, an all-in-one wallet, grip and stand that allows you to take what you need and leave the rest behind.

The WalleyGrip, which is slightly larger than the size of a credit card, easily attaches to the back of any cell phone and features a slip-proof sleeve that can securely hold up to three cards (credit cards, driver's license, Costco card, business cards, etc.) and a comfortable, loop-style slidable grip that can also be used as kickstand for the phone, so you can view media hands-free. WalleyGrip is available beginning today at www.InfinaCore.com/thewalley for only $19.99.

As we move towards a cashless society, WalleyGrip also allows you to simply wave your phone at the reader and the credit cards placed in the sleeve can be read, so you never have to take your cards out again. With an ultra-slim profile, that can also be used as a stand-alone wallet (that can also easily fit in pants pockets), WalleyGrip easily detaches so a phone can be wirelessly charged. A separate slot on the back of the WalleyGrip allows users to store a Micro-SIM and SIM tray opener for travelers or anyone that likes to change their SIMs frequently.

"WalleyGrip is the next evolution of the wallet as it upgrades your phone and gets rid of the need to carry around a bulky wallet at the same time," said Victor Chor, co-founder of InfinaCore. "Perfect for everyone, WalleyGrip simplifies what you need while going out and keeps all of your cards/IDs right by your phone, safe and secure. If you are going out, you may just need your main credit or debit card and driver's license, so you can easily slip those two items into the sleeve and head out the door."

WalleyGrip is made with strong, durable plastic, for years of use, and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. The locking mechanism on the lower portion of the slidable band, gives users the perfect position every time and with most phones being large, WalleyGrip is an easy and ergonomic way to hold a phone with one hand.

InfinaCore is a forward-thinking electronics & accessories company that aims to imbue high functionality, quality and intuitiveness into new concepts as well as current trends. InfinaCore is positioned for the "WIRES SUCK" movement in a world that rather not be tethered or bound by strings. People literally have the world's knowledge in the palm of their hands, but all they need to use an InfinaCore product is instinct. More information is available at www.InfinaCore.com

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