Wack 100 Argues Master P Is “Broke” On Clubhouse

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Wack 100 has made headlines yet again for his controversial and often polarizing views, this time for calling legendary rapper and entrepreneur Master P “broke” during a recent live-chat on social media platform Clubhouse. The West Coast native and music manager aired his grievances with P, who often gives advice on business and entrepreneurship to younger rap stars, such as Nick Cannon, whom P has publicly advised on issues of ownership in the past.

Wack argues that P “doesn’t have 20 percent” of Nick Cannon’s wealth, lessening the validity of his advice. “First of all, he don’t own his masters, they took them eighteen years ago,” Wack says, referring to No Limit Records’ catalog being sold as part of his 2003 bankruptcy filing.

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“You think this n***a be selling noodles?” he asked. “The feds took his catalog, bro. Nick Cannon got real money, for real. Real, real money. I’m like, ‘How is [Master P] talking to this n***a about what he doing and you ain’t nowhere in place, my n***a?’ You can’t even stand with this man on a bad day. Who is you, bro, to be telling this n***a about his business decisions and your business decisions ain’t been right for damn near twenty years?!”

In an attempt to further diminish Master P’s business acumen, Wack 100 compared the No Limit Records founder to his New Orleans counterpart Birdman, as the two label heads were once rivals during the rise of their respective empires during the ’90s. “P ain’t never been Baby,” Wack digs. “P has never in his life had the kind of money Baby had.”

Check out a clip of Wack 100’s Clubhouse conversation below.

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