Voter Guide for Boulder, Broomfield and Weld counties

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Oct. 19—Get to know the candidates and ballot measures that will be on the ballot for the Nov. 2 consolidated election. Access the print version of the Voter Guide here.



* Amendment 78: Legislative spending approval


* Proposition 119: Retail marijuana tax increase

* Proposition 120: Property tax rate change

Boulder County


Boulder City Council

* Matt Benjamin

* Michael Christy

* Jacques Decalo

* Lauren Folkerts

* Steve Rosenblum

* Nicole Speer

* David Takahashi

* Mark Wallach

* Dan Williams

* Tara Winer

Lafayette City Council

* Tonya Briggs

* Enihs Medrano

* Nicole Samson

* Brandon Stites

* Brian Wong

Longmont City Council


* Gregory Harris

* Joan Peck

* Tim Waters


* Diane Crist

* Jeremy Dejuan Johnson

* Sean P. McCoy

* Aren Rodriguez

* Tallis Salamatian

* Shiquita Yarbrough

Ward 2

* Marcia Martin

Louisville City Council

Ward 1

* Keith Keller

* Chris Leh

Ward 2

* Maxine Most

Ward 3

* Kyle Brown

Boulder Valley School District

District B

* William Hamilton

* Gala Orba (Orba has since withdrawn her candidacy.)

* Nicole Rajpal

* Sky Van Horn (write-in)

District E

* Deann Bucher

* Kara Awaitha Frost

* Beth Niznik

District F

* Kitty Sargent

St. Vrain Valley School District

District B

* Karen Ragland

District D

* Meosha Brooks

* Tyler Gearhart (Gearhart has since withdrawn his candidacy.)

District F

* Natalie Abshier

* Sarah Hurianek

Ballot measures


* Issue 2I: Extension of Community, Culture, Resilience and Safety Sales and Use Tax

* Issue 2J: Approval of Issuance of Bonds to be Paid from Extended Community, Culture, Resilience and Safety Sales and Use Tax

* Question 2K: Council Committees

* Question 2L: Clarification of Signatures for Petitions

* Question 2M: Council Payment Schedule

* Question 300: Bedrooms are for People

* Question 301: Humane Clothing Act

* Question 302: Let the Voters Decide on Annexation of CU South


* Issue 2B: Funding public safety services

* Issue 2C: Funding Mental Health and Human Services

* Issue 2D: Gender Neutral Charter Language

* Issue 2E: Removal and Replacement of Archaic Charter Language

* Issue 2F: Residency Qualification for City Councilors


* Retain Municipal Judge Robert J. Frick


* Issue 2A: Transportation improvements tax


* Referred Ballot Question 2G: Bohn Park Solar Facility


* Issue 2H: Transportation improvement funding

Hygiene Fire Protection District

* Issue 6A: Mill Levy Increase

Broomfield County


Broomfield City Council


* Guyleen Castriotta

* Kimberly Groom

Ward 1

* Chriss Hammerschmidt

* James Marsh-Holschen

Ward 2

* Brent Hultman

* Austin Ward

Ward 3

* Deven Shaff

* Brian Peotter

Ward 4

* Bruce H. Leslie

* Mindy Quiachon

Ward 5

* Grayson Hofferber

* Todd Cohen

Ballot initiatives

* Question 2A: Ranked choice voting

Weld County


Dacono Mayor

* Adam Morehead

* Kathy Wittman

Dacono City Council

* Jackie Thomas

* Jim Turini

* John Wargo

Ballot measures


* Issue 2D: Street improvements

* Question 2E: Marijuana businesses

Carbon Valley Parks and Recreation District

* Issue 6A: Mill levy increase

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