Virtual Influencer Miquela Is Pacsun’s Newest Ambassador

·2 min read

As the fashion industry's affinity with the metaverse continues to grow, virtual influencers have become a prominent way for fashion brands to engage with Web3 technology and create a dialogue with Gen Z's digital natives. The latest brand to join the phygital inter-zone is American retailer, Pacsun.

In a bid to continue expanding its digital presence and metaverse strategy, Pacsun has signed a mid-season campaign partnership with self-proclaimed 'queen of the metaverse,' Miquela (formerly known as Lil Miquela) – one of the first-ever digital influencers to be created by entertainment company Brud. Pacsun and Miquela will join forces to produce social content and boost the brand's back-to-school and holiday campaigns throughout 2022.

The partnership signals a natural step for Pacsun, who leaned into the metaverse universe earlier this year with a virtual store and NFT art collection. Connecting with the youth culture's consumer identities is currently the main ambition of the retailers' marketing strategy. The campaign also constitutes the (forever) 19-year-old personality's return to brand advertising after a short hiatus, with previous brand deals including the takeover of Prada’s Instagram account and Calvin Klein's campaign with Bella Hadid, which ignited controversy.

Known for her authenticity, youthfully unique style and commitment to social issues, "LA native" Miquela came under the spotlight in 2016, when she went viral after appearing for the first time on Instagram. "Miquela has become a digital muse for Pacsun and we're thrilled to be working with a great example of a strong female advocate and inspiration, she aligns with our core brand values and vision," said Brieane Olson, President at Pacsun in a press release. In 2018, Miquela was also named the "most influential person on the internet" by TIME.

PacSun is due to lean even further into the virtual influencer space in the coming months, with more metaverse-themed projects soon to come. Watch this space for more details.