Viral video captures elephants springing to action to save calf drowning in pool

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In a video posted to Twitter on Saturday, two elephants can be seen rushing to save a drowning baby elephant.

In what appears to be footage from Seoul Grand Park Zoo in South Korea’s capital, the calf can be seen falling into a large pool of water.

An adult elephant who is thought to be the baby elephant’s mother begins to panic, and another adult elephant rushes over.

The two adults enter the pool from the shallow end while the calf struggles to keep its trunk above water.

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The two elephants team up and guide the little elephant to the shallow end. Keeping the calf between them, they lead it safely out of the water.

The clip has gone viral since it was uploaded, already garnering more than 2.3 million views.

Twitter users did not appear surprised by the amount of compassion and kindness the elephants displayed.

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“Cows, chickens, goats are equally compassionate. Stop eating them,” one user wrote.

Others commented on the intelligence of the elephants, especially on their ability to think and act quickly.

“Also proved,” wrote another Twitter user. “Intelligence (problem and solution both identified), Memory (location of shallow end), Cooperation.”

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“I’m waiting for the day people aren’t surprised when animals act like more than objects,” another netizen said. “Animals are just like us (better than us actually), the only difference is they haven’t learned to speak our language (well some have).”

Featured Image via @Gabriele_Corno