A viral TikTok shows a topless, doorless Jeep driving straight through a car wash

A new, mega-viral TikTok shows just how wrong things can go at a car wash. It’s all thanks to a user named Samijo (@samijo_xoxo), who managed to capture the moment when a Jeep full of passengers drove straight into the drive-through car wash. The only problem? They did it without any windows or doors. “Car wash or water park?” Samijo captioned her clip, which now has more than 3 million views. The video shows the Jeep, with what appears to be three women inside, entering the car wash. In the background, Samijo expresses her own bewilderment. another TikTok user, who allegedly happened to be visiting the car wash at the same time, posted their own video of the incident. the camera follows the Jeep full of women as they ride through the entire car wash — enduring water canons, soap and automated squeegees. “I just don’t understand why y’all let them do that,” one user commented

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