New Video Shows Shanquella Robinson Excited To Hang With Friends Moments Before Her Death In Cabo

On Oct. 28th, Shanquella Robinson embarked on a trip to Cabo from Charlotte, North Carolina, with a group of friends as part of a birthday celebration. Within 24 hours of her arrival, she was deceased, and her group returned to their homes without her.   According to her travel companions, she passed away after exhibiting signs of alcohol poisoning. However, an autopsy revealed the Charlotte native had a broken neck and cracked spine at the time of her death.

In video footage that surfaced online last week, Robinson was engaged in a physical altercation with another woman. A male voice behind the camera could be heard encouraging Robinson to fight back. However, Robinson verbally declined to fight and instead covered her face as she was pummelled by the other woman.

More recent footage of Shanquella Robinson has surfaced online and shows the 25-year-old, moments before her death, sounding upbeat and excited about the next group activity.

In the video reportedly taken by Robinson at’s Villa Linda 32, where Robinson and friends were staying, according to Radar Online, Robinson recorded herself playfully yelling at her “friends” and, at times, laughing heartily.

“It don’t take that long to get naked. Where y’all at?” she shouted while searching for her travel mates.

The group had apparently planned to go swimming. Robinson came across the gang while they were discussing what swimwear to wear in one of the rooms.  

The footage appeared to be posted to Robinson’s “Close Friends” on Instagram.

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The more we learn, the more our hearts ache. Shanquella Robinson seemed to radiate joy and was clearly anticipating a good time with the individuals she considered friends.

Another intense debate was sparked by the flood of heated feedback on The Neighborhood Talk’s Instagram post.

“WOWWWWW this is sad. You can tell they had a problem with her. And probably didn’t say anything cuz she walked in recording,” said one commenter.

“This story breaks my heart, man. Imagine going on vacation just trying to enjoy your life and walking right into a death sentence. I hope they all get life… In Mexico,” expressed another person in anger.

It has been widely observed that Robinson’s group was giving off cold vibes when she joyfully entered the room.

“Their energy was so cold when she went into the room. She had no idea what was coming,” said another user on the platform.

According to a prior report from Blavity, Shanquella Robinson’s devastated mother revealed that all members of the group had their own version of what happened.

Robinson’s cause of death was described as “severe spinal cord injury and atlas luxation” on her death certificate from the Mexican Secretariat of Health.  Contrary to her friends’ claims, the autopsy did not mention a single word regarding alcohol.

To assist with funeral and legal expenses, a GoFundMe page was set up for Shanquella Robinson’s family.

As the family continues to battle for justice, Kyrie Irving has stepped up to assist financially. 

To date, the family has received more than $300,000 in contributions, $65,000 of which came from the NBA star.