'I did not have to do this': Suspect in Vaughan, Ontario condo shooting posted video to complain about housing unit

'I did not have to do this': Suspect in Vaughan, Ontario condo shooting posted video to complain about housing unit

Details are slowly being revealed about the alleged suspect in a horrific mass shooting in Vaughan, Ontario, which left six people dead, including the suspect, who was killed by police.

Police confirm the victims were found on several floors of the condo building, in three separate units, where the incident took place. Another person was injured in the attack but is expected to survive.

At a news conference on Monday at the York Regional Police headquarters in Aurora, Chief Jim MacSween confirmed the shooter was Francesco Villi, 73, who had been identified on social media earlier in the day.

MacSween says the victims of the shooting could not be identified, but they include three men and two women. Three of the deceased were members of the condo board. Another woman who was injured in the shooting, remains in hospital and is expected to survive.


MacSween also confirmed that the alleged shooter had lived in the building. The provincial Special Investigations Unit confirmed the suspect was armed with a semi-automatic handgun.

Villi had posted a series of disturbing videos to his Facebook page, the latest as recently as Sunday, complaining about the conditions of his housing unit.

Warning: This video contains disturbing language, viewers'discretion is advised.

In one of the videos says he did “not have to do this” if he was given comfort in his home and refers to people he’s looking for help from as “indecent bastards and criminals”.

"You take me to court before a judge, and my one page, of three, four hundred pages of evidence and truth? It's been thrown in the garbage," he says in the post. "So this is the law and justice we live in? It is your justice, your fraud."

It appears there were issues between Villi and condo board members for several years, as evidenced by a lawsuit he filed against them earlier this year.

The suit, which appeared before Superior Court in Ontario in July, states Villi was seeking over $8-million in payments from six defendants named in the filing, who are identified as directors and officers of the York Region Standard Condominium Corporation. It claims the defendants had committed “Acts of Crime and Criminality” from 2010 onwards and alleges that they had been “negligently purposely” to Villi, causing him harm, pain, suffering, stress, as well as damage to his physical and mental health and his financial well being.

The suit also notes that members of the Condominium Corporation had sought out a restraining order against Villi in November 2018, for “allegedly threatening, abusive, intimidating and harassing behaviour towards the Corporation’s board of directors, property management, workers and residents of the condominium. “

The justice in the case described it as “fatally flawed”, dismissed Villi’s allegations and ordered him to pay costs of $2,500 within 30 days of the ruling.

“I would also find that the claim is frivolous and/or vexatious as there is a complete absence of material facts pleaded in support of any of the claims raised,” it reads.