‘Vampire Academy’ Stars Explain the Key to Mia and Meredith’s Relationship: ‘It Just Grew Organically’ (Video)

If vampire stories have taught us anything, it’s that making a relationship work is particularly hard in a supernatural world. But Mia and Meredith seem to be on their way to figuring it out over on “Vampire Academy.” And according to the actresses playing them, finding that relationship was pretty easy — and a little chaotic.

The chemistry between the two women became clear pretty immediately in the series premiere, and since then they’ve only been developing a stronger bond, both driven by the urge to protect each other. As we saw in last week’s episode, Mia (Mia Mckenna-Bruce) was more than ready to kill to protect Meredith (Rhian Blundell). And much to fans’ delight, this week brought a pretty passionate kiss between the two, as Meredith recovered from her wounds.

It’s a relationship the actresses take seriously, to be sure. But in actually crafting it on screen, Mckenna-Bruce and Blundell mostly just went on instinct, rather than talking through it extensively.

“Do you know what, I think the only conversation we really had was I was like, ‘I’m just gonna just throw some stuff at you and see what you do. And you, the same,'” Blundell explained to TheWrap earlier this year. “But that’s kind of what I think Mia and Meredith are like, they’re both so like, to the point and vicious and like, ‘OK, go on, you think that, well I think this.’ It just grew organically.”

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At that Mckenna-Bruce readily agrees, noting that there was an immediate and almost innate trust between them.

“I think the same. I think, the same as Mia and Meredith, we trust each other so much,” she said. “So it is like, ‘OK, let’s just see what happens in this scene, and that, like you say, that chemistry is there straight away for us. So it’s kind of like, let’s just see what happens.”

What Mckenna-Bruce does know about Mia and Meredith’s relationship is that it “cuts through” just about everything people might’ve thought about her character. “I think we really get to see the real Mia unravel. Maybe that’s something to worry about. Maybe it’s not, we’ll have to see,” she added coyly.

You can watch TheWrap’s full conversation with the stars of “The Vampire Academy” in the video above. The first six episodes of the series are now streaming on Peacock.