Value-oriented social media platform TouchApp removes thousands of harmful social media posts

Social media platforms have increasingly shaped the way we communicate. But the lifestyles portrayed through these channels and the effects of harmful content continue to be a subject for heated debate. This has inspired initiatives offering safe spaces free from content pollution, bullying, and malicious users.

İSTANBUL, December 05, 2022--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Social media platforms bring people together, but their impact on mental health and user psychology continues to be debated widely. Research shows they can have adverse effects because of how they portray beauty and lifestyles, especially on adolescents. Studies found that 21% of young people had increased social anxiety after spending time on social media, with half expressing body dissatisfaction. Another study showed that those aged 16-21 who use social media for 7 hours or more a day had decreased levels of life satisfaction.

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Value-oriented social media platform TouchApp removes thousands of harmful social media posts (Photo: Business Wire)

TouchApp Founder and CEO Islam Faisal explained, "Social media platforms promote fake lifestyles. We are pleased to launch TouchApp, a value-oriented social communication approach that allows users to exchange experiences depending on their interests. We have removed 10K pages of content from the platform that failed to comply with our values and did not benefit users."

Social media use is seen at ages as young as 5
Drawing attention to the fact that adolescents and children’s use of social media has not fallen below 17% in recent years, Islam Faisal said, "UK regulator Ofcom reports that 99% of children access the internet through mobile devices. Most children under 13 have an account on at least one social media platform. The content is becoming a greater concern for parents. TouchApp helps those who want to improve their knowledge by connecting with other users with similar interests. We offer a social communication channel that adds value to society with curated content that has filtered out harmful material unhelpful to personal development."

Cyberbullying affects everyone
Faisal Islam commented that bullying affects people of all ages, adding, "TouchApp prevents bullying, racism, destructive criticism and debate by providing unique tools, enabling every user to contribute to building communities that increase the value of social communications. Our promise is a safe space that they can grow through sharing on qualified, valuable issues and has at its heart the aim of protecting users, especially children and young people, from bullying and harmful content."

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