Using the Power of Social Media, Unleashed Consulting Created a Marketing and Consulting Business Centered Around Animal Lovers. Find Out More Below

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NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / October 25, 2021 / Every business needs good marketing to help them succeed. Whether you are a small business that is trying to grow or an enormous business that needs to continue to spread its content, marketing can help you get there and make or break your business. Even businesses that help animals need good marketing. Louie Torres and his company, Unleashed Consulting, are helping dog training businesses grow and scale using modern direct marketing digital funnels, consultative sales training and their own software to glue it all together. They are currently moving into veterinarian, grooming, and boarding as well.

What motivated Unleashed Consulting to begin their business was understanding the power of social media. They saw the opportunity for business owners to leverage the social platforms where their ideal customer avatar is "hanging out" every single day. Combine that with the fact most people have a smartphone, and they are able to advertise to their customers daily.

However, their business model and business itself is not without challenges. Their biggest hurdle was convincing business owners that social media is the way to go for business success, particularly older business owners who maybe were not used to the idea of social media as a platform for their business.

It has become abundantly clear that, in 2021, business owners needed social media to keep their companies alive when person to person interaction became few and far between. In other words, it's pivotal that every company has some kind of social present to build trust and authority within their market.

Louie himself has an interesting story of struggle and overcoming obstacles. His business career did not start off easy. Like many people in the entrepreneurial world, his first few ideas flopped and his recovery was incredibly difficult. However, when he finally found his niche, it was full speed ahead for Louie. Covid itself was a blessing in disguise for his business.

"After a life changing experience with my girlfriend's disgruntled chihuahua, I learned about an untapped market - the dog training industry. I rebranded my company, invested in a business mentor/coach...fired all my old clients, and went all in. The problem was that I did all of this around the beginning of March 2020. On March 15, 2020, the world started to shut down.

Initially the pandemic made life extremely difficult, and unpredictable. But after about a month, something crazy happened. Everyone was adopting dogs or buying puppies! And those unsocialized dogs were not getting the exposure or training that they needed. So in comes the puppy pandemic boom to the dog training industry," Louie explains.

Louie and his team are excited to start entering into new parts of the dog industry world to help spread the word about marketing funnels in this industry. To find out more about Louie and his team, follow them on Instagram here and check out their website here.


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