Shoppers say this handheld vacuum has them 'all about that VacLife'

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When you find crumbs in the car or run into some dirt on the floor, there’s no need to pull out the bulky corded vacuum to clean up those everyday messes. Instead, you can use a portable cordless vacuum to pick up loose dirt and debris from the floor.

Of course, these handheld-style vacuums have been around for a while, but nowadays they work better than ever to clean up messes in all sorts of places your bigger vacuums can't. This particular handheld vacuum from VacLife has a powerful motor to clean up those casual messes quickly, and it’s currently on sale for over 30% off on Amazon.

This portable, handheld vacuum will be your new cleaning essential. (Source: Amazon)
This portable, handheld vacuum will be your new favorite cleaning essential. (Source: Amazon)

Powerful suction in the palm of your hand

This powerful little vacuum is perfect for cleaning awkward places around the house and in your vehicles. (Source: Amazon)
This powerful little vacuum is perfect for cleaning awkward places around the house and in your vehicles. (Source: Amazon)

$29.74 $47.50 at Amazon

Cleaning tight areas or upholstery is a breeze with the help of this handheld vacuum. The compact, lightweight design makes it easy to carry around the house and clean under sofas or small spaces. Easily reach high shelves or blinds where dust accumulates and comfortably clean without having to strain yourself with that heavier vacuum cleaner.

This large capacity vacuum has a rechargeable battery that gives you plenty of portable power to clean up those daily problem areas. Take it out to the car without the hassle of cords to effortlessly clean the floorboards and seats.

Picking up pet hair or dust is no problem thanks to the powerful motor of the portable vacuum. The 120W vacuum motor spins at 28000 rpm and provides a strong suction to lift and clean messes from multiple surfaces.

This cleaning device includes two attachments to make cleaning those small nooks and tough spots a simple task. The crevice tool allows you to reach between the car seats and cracks where debris hides and settles. Easily remove pet hair from your carpet or upholstery with the brush tool that lifts and removes the hair.

Shoppers are impressed by this portable vacuum’s compact size and power, including this 5-star reviewer on Amazon:

“We have a golden retriever puppy who sheds pretty much constantly…we desperately needed an easy way to get his fur off the couch. I have to say I'm very impressed! I was able to vacuum 3 parts of our sectional and 2 throw pillows in my trial run, got a ton of fur! The brushing tool was pretty helpful…I like that it's small and lightweight…”

Put compact cleaning power in your hands with the VacLife Handheld Vacuum, that’s nearly 40% off right now. Hurry, and snag this cleaning deal from Amazon before the deal ends.