USD 383 finalizing plans for prom, graduation

AJ Dome, The Manhattan Mercury, Kan.
·2 min read

Mar. 5—The Manhattan-Ogden school district is preparing for traditional spring events like prom and graduation as pandemic restrictions are loosened in the Manhattan area.

USD 383 Superintendent Marvin Wade said Manhattan High students are doing a lot of work behind the scenes as they continue to plan for prom this semester. He said the prom planning committee at the high school is still making plans and having discussions with Riley County health officials to make sure all events are safe and follow health guidelines.

"The kids have done a lot of work; they've really been conscientious and thoughtful of what needs to be done," Wade said. "They're thinking of things to do that'd be fun for them and still help with social distancing and other protocols."

Wade said administrators haven't determined dates for prom or spring graduation ceremonies. Manhattan High School principal Mike Dorst said officals are finalizing prom information, and the graduation committee is working with officials at K-State to determine the best time and date to hold ceremonies.

Dorst said MHS will have its commencement at Bill Snyder Family Stadium sometime around the weekend of May 14-16 — the same weekend K-State will be holding its commencement events.

"Once we have that determined, we will send out that information to our current seniors and mid-term graduates," Dort said. "We've had graduation on the same weekend as the university in the past, and we look forward to that partnership in the future."

Dorst said one of the goals for spring commencement was to hold it in a facility that would allow graduates to invite more family members. He said an announcement on how many tickets will be available for students and how many guests will be allowed per graduate will be coming in the next few weeks.

"I think there's a lot of excitement about the ceremony and kids graduating; students at Manhattan High School have a lot to be proud of," Dorst said. "Our graduates are impressive. ... They're great people and do great things while at and after going to MHS."

Dorst said he wants to be confident in the date and time scheduled for spring commencement before announcing it, for the sake of sharing accurate information and giving graduating students an opportunity to celebrate their efforts.

"There are many different pathways and avenues that kids take as they go through our school system," Dorst said. "As they go through MHS, our kids find success in rigorous pathways."