'This Is Us' returns and immediately has viewers totally freaking out

After four weeks of letting us believe that Kevin Pearson had been involved in a horrific car accident, This Is Us returned and sent viewers on an emotional rollercoaster.

Even though Kevin is alive and well in the future, as we've seen in flashes to the future, it didn't stop viewers from having major anxiety throughout the episode, as we were all led to believe that it was Kevin who had crashed his car while trying to race to the airport in order to fly home to his pregnant fiancé Madison, who had gone into labor early.

Fortunately for our beloved character, Kevin did not get into an accident, though he almost did three times. During the not-so-surprising-in-hindsight reveal, Kevin was actually being a hero and rescued the man who did crash his car, by pulling him out of the vehicle and wrapping his jacket around him, thus dropping his wallet at the scene.

While fans were relieved, the feeling didn't last long. Viewers were taken on an emotional rollercoaster of anxiety as soon as they realized that Kevin losing his driver's license at the scene meant he wouldn't be able to board his flight home.

From feeling anxious, to relieved, to nervous, in typical This Is Us fashion, viewers were then left in tears when, in the end, Randall and Beth, who had sensed Kevin's desperation, came through to hold it down by calling Madison, and staying on the phone with her while she cried in her hospital bed, so she wouldn't feel alone.