This 'upsetting' egg-making hack has TikTok users divided

A TikTok user is going viral after sharing a hack for how to make an omelet in a bag — but not everyone agrees it’s a good idea. The breakfast-making hack was shared by user Kyle Istook. Istook’s omelet-cooking method begins with the TikToker cracking a few eggs into a Ziplock bag. From there, Istook squeezes the eggs to break them up, then adds some salt, pepper and shredded cheese. Finally, Istook drops his bag into a pot of boiling water, eventually removing it to reveal a rounded, fully cooked omelet. “Not really sure if it’s safe to boil plastic,” one user wrote. As CNET reported in 2018, cooking food in a plastic bag is essentially a homemade version of sous vide-style cooking. Research has shown that Ziplock bags will begin melting at a temperature of around 195 degrees Fahrenheit, which is below water’s boiling temperature. So is Istook’s hack safe? At a lower temperature, most likely. Is it actually a good way to make breakfast? That’s another question entirely