‘Unspeakable tragedy.’ North Texas leaders respond to Uvalde elementary school shooting

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Fort Worth Mayor Mattie Parker called Tuesday’s shooting at a Uvalde elementary school an “unspeakable tragedy” as North Texas leaders react to the deadliest K-12 school shooting in Texas history.

Abbott confirmed that an 18-year-old man is suspected to have killed 14 children and one teacher at Robb Elementary School. The shooter was killed by responding law enforcement, Abbott said.

Uvalde is about an hour and a half drive west of San Antonio.

In a statement, Abbott said he and his wife Cecilia are mourning the horrific loss caused by the shooting.

“We urge all Texans to come together to show our unwavering support to all those who are suffering,” he said.

Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson said in a tweet that he’s heartsick for fellow Texans in Uvalde.

“I am struggling to wrap my mind around this horrendous and senseless violence,” he said. “This is a nightmare.”

Parker called the shooting horrific and asked people to join her in praying for the Uvalde community.

White Settlement Police Chief Christopher Cook said in a tweet that the level of violence in the country is sickening.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with all those at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, including our local, state and federal law enforcement partners dealing with this horrific incident,” he said.

Multiple North Texas police departments have said they’re sending thoughts and prayers to the victims in Uvalde.

Fort Worth school trustees held a moment of silence for the victims of the shooting during their board meeting Tuesday, led by board president Tobi Jackson.

“We believe it’s appropriate to observe a moment of silence for the victims, for their families and for the educators whose lives have been shattered by this horrific event from today and here forward,” Jackson said.

Trustee Roxanne Martinez said she’s sick over the incident.

“This shouldn’t happen at any school,” she said. “Our schools should be safe spaces.”