UNOde50 Helps Employees Make Time to Vote Through New Affiliation Just in Time for 2020 Elections

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NEW YORK, Oct. 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Announcing today, UNOde50, a Madrid-born luxury jewelry brand, has joined the ranks of more than 1,600 other businesses nationwide to join the Time to Vote movement. Time to Vote is a non-partisan, CEO-led coalition that aims to increase voter participation in U.S. elections among businesses and their employees.

Globally, the United States has one of the lowest voter registration turnouts. Participating businesses are addressing this challenge by giving employees the time and the tools they need to exercise their right to vote in November.

"This year is a pivotal voting year," said Jason McNary, CEO, Americas, UNOde50. "In this current political climate, now, more than ever, corporations need to understand the importance of giving their employees space to honor their right to vote during the 2020 General Election."We're doing our part to promote political engagement and voting when it matters most."

As part of the Time to Vote movement, UNOde50 employees will have the following voting accommodations:

  • Retail Stores will open at 1pm on election day

  • Corporate team members will work from home on Election Day

  • Access to education about issues on the ballot

  • Directions their nearest polling station on election day

The organization has banned meetings on Nov. 3 in an effort to give the full range of office hours to vote that day. To learn more, visit the Time to Vote and UNOde50 websites.

About UNO

UNOde50, a Spanish jewelry brand, was founded in the late 90's with a design concept that offered a different point of view. One that was exclusive, unique and limitless. The brand set out to unveil a revolution in which the techniques and processes of traditional jewelry-making would be used in the name of creativity. Today, UNOde50 is present in over 42 countries with more than 100 stores in main cities around the world.


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