Unemployed mom brings toddler to 'child-friendly' interview

An unemployed mom has gone viral for bringing her toddler to an interview, and TikTok is applauding the "child-friendly" company. As she explained in her video, mom and TikToker, Maggie Mundwiller (@314handcrafted), was left jobless after being laid off due to Covid-19. When a second interview rolled around for a new job opportunity, Maggie wasn't sure what to do, as she had no childcare options. But that's when her potential new employers let her know they're "child-friendly," and invited her to bring her toddler son along — much to Maggie's shock. Maggie decided she might as well make a fun first impression! She dolled up her son, dressed him in a little suit, wrote up a "resume" for him, and in they went. In the end, Maggie concluded her video by saying, "It was a great experience. What a welcoming company culture". TikTokers were quick to flood Maggie's comments with praise for the child-friendly company. "Dear corporate America, make this normal," wrote one user

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