Umm, Mary J. Blige Has Sculpted AF Legs And Abs In This IG Bikini Pic

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Photo credit: Prince Williams - Getty Images
Photo credit: Prince Williams - Getty Images
  • Mary J. Blige posed in a spotted bikini and matching cover-up that revealed her epic legs and a glimpse of her toned abs in a recent Instagram photo.

  • The 51-year-old singer is in a positive place with her self-confidence and does daily affirmations in the mirror.

  • Mary enjoys weightlifting to keep her body active and listens to her body when it's craving a certain food.

She's already a singer, songwriter, actress, philanthropist—but Mary J. Blige should add fashionista to that list of impressive credentials. In a recent Instagram, Mary proved that she knows style like no one else, accessorizing her beachy 'fit with her strong legs and epic abs.

In the photo, the 51-year-old star sparkled in a patterned bikini with a matching hat and flowing cover-up. Whether it's a cool vacay breeze or a legit photoshoot fan, Mary made the pose look totally natural.

"Until next time……..," she captioned the photo. Hopefully, this doesn't mean that fans have to wait a while before seeing another epic bikini look.

Just in case, followers popped off in the comments, letting Mary know just how fab the 'fit was. "🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 yasss sis show them how it's DONE!!!!" one fan commented. Another put their thoughts simply: "#goddess." A different fan wrote, "🔥🔥🖤🤍🖤🔥🔥 MY FAVORITE u r so FLY." Endless 🔥 for this celeb!

Mary previously reflected on her self-confidence. "My body image and self-esteem is at a pretty good place," she said in 2019 during a video interview with Self.

And that could be a result of the strong communication she has with her body. "The thing I love about my body now is that I can hear it speak to me," she said. "After you go through so much in your life, you can hear your body say, 'okay, enough partying.'"

Mary does affirmations in the mirror, she told Health in 2020. "That's learning how to love and hug yourself and say, 'You know what? I love you, Mary. I love you, Beautiful. I love you, Gorgeous. I love you, Smart Woman. I love you, Talented Woman,'" she explained. This is a practice she does daily.

When it comes to Mary's exercise routine, information is sparse, but she's previously said that she uses weights to condition her muscles. "I like to look a certain way. So I have to do what I have to do,” Mary said. "I do a lot of weights—heavy lifting. It keeps everything firm."

Mary loves her veggies, in addition to fudge cupcakes, per Health. She makes sure to get enough protein, but she isn't too restrictive. Mary listens to her body when it's craving something.

You're glowing, Mary!

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