Ukrainian Soldier Reunited With Pregnant Wife After Eight Months Apart

Video captured the emotional moment a Ukrainian soldier reunited with his expecting wife after eight months apart.

Yanina Sham had not seen her husband, Ivan, since she had discovered she was pregnant with their first child in April 2022. Yanina told Storyful that she had not had contact with Ivan for 15 days prior to their reuniting and she did not know if he was still alive.

Yanina told Storyful that her baby was born “healthy” despite the various challenges of Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine.

“[Ivan] continues to defend our land in Ukraine’s east,” Yanina said.

“I am at home with our baby. Russia continues to bomb our energy structure. We often do not have light, warm water and heat at home. It is difficult in such conditions with a one-month-old baby,

“But we believe in our victory and we are waiting for our husband and father. We hope, that the day, when our family will be reunited, will come soon.” Credit: Yanina Sham via Storyful