Ukrainian Label TTSWTRS Unveils “Fractale” Collection

Ukrainian label TTSWTRS continues to delve into the realm of the future with the release of its new collection. Aptly named “Fractale,” the label’s offering is a deep metaphorical dive into how nature rebuilds itself. The concept also nods to how each new build in a fractal is practically identical to what was built before and how it’s only stronger this time once lessons have been learned.

"Iceland, this incredible country, has become my inspiration -- as the mirror of nature and its genius, with its perfect combination of colors and the beauty of fractality in every detail,” Founder and Creative Director Anna Osmekhina shared in a press release.

Inspired by the calming nature of Iceland where fractals are abundant, Osmekhina refined the release with a gray, graphite and white color scheme. The range also features the designer’s play on prints and silhouettes precisely designing them to work cohesively. Genderless staples like sweatshirts, oversized tees and shorts are a fit for fans of comfortable streetwear. Meanwhile, form-fitting bra tops, bike shorts, mesh dresses and complex bodysuits are adorned with unique detailing.

True to its name, the Tanktop Trench Coat is a combination of a white tank top and beige trench coat, making it one of the season’s best pieces. Elsewhere, standout pieces like the blazer dress, satin midi skirt and satin suit deserve all the recognition.

The “Fractale” collection marks the brand’s first release since the war. Osmekhina, together with her team and creative collaborators, crafted the collection as a reminder to dedicate ourselves and all our actions to life and recovery, instead of destruction.

Peep the lookbook at the gallery above. TTSWTRS' “Fractale” collection is now available on the brand’s website.