Ukraine asks not to punish Belarus on par with Russia in latest EU sanctions packages

One of the reasons why the EU has not punished Belarus on par with Russia in the latest sanctions packages is the request of Ukraine itself.

Source: Rikard Jozwiak, Radio Liberty correspondent, European Pravda reports

Quote: "One of the reasons why Belarus hasn't been sanctioned together with Russia in the EU's last sanctions packages is that Ukraine has requested that Minsk is to be kept out."

Details: As reported, Brussels has accelerated the work on the tenth package of sanctions against Russia; the member states intend to adopt a new package before the EU-Ukraine summit in Kyiv, scheduled for early February.

Belarus will also face new sanctions for continuing to support Russia's military actions against Ukraine. In this case, according to one of the diplomats, it is about "synchronisation of Belarusian sanctions with the Russian ones, especially sectoral sanctions in those areas where Minsk cooperates with Moscow militarily".

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