Two of the U.K.'s biggest TikTok stars are having a very public feud over merchandise

Two TikTokers are feuding over a catchphrase and merchandise branding. Now their friendship is over. Influencers Bella "Nosebleed" Fitz and Max Balegde were good friends. but when Fitz got word of Balegde's merchandise line, everything seemed to fall apart. On June 18, Balegde launched a line of products called "Big Fat Merch". Fitz subsequently unfollowed Balegde on all of her social media accounts. When Balegde confronted her about why she unfollowed him, Fitz revealed that she was upset over the name of his merchandise line. She claimed that "big fat" is her catchphrase because she had a viral video where she said "big fat liar". She told Balegde that she wanted to call her merch Big Fat Fitz but now she couldn't because he had beaten her to the punch. She accused Balegde of using "other smaller creators' ideas for his own use without credit" . She also accused Balegde of gossiping about her and she threatened to "come to your house and I will beat the dogs*** out of you and your boyfriend. "Silly fallouts are one thing but It’s never okay to threaten somebody's safety. I just had to stand up for myself instead of being silent like she asked me to," Balegde tweeted

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