Tutor's 'insane' math trick apparently 'works every time'

This math trick can help you multiply any two-digit number by 11. Arlene Resendiz is TikTok's resident math whiz. When she's not working as a professional tutor, she's teaching the internet the quickest and easiest way to solve math problems. In one video, Resendiz stitched a TikTok of @zhcyt's girlfriend @munchie.michelle quickly solving a multiplication problem. He asked @munchie.michelle what 11 multiplied by 32 is while she was driving. She quickly responded with the correct answer: 352. "She used the 11s trick by multiplying the other number by 10 and adding another group to itself, giving you 352. It works every time," Resendiz said. The math tutor then wrote out the equation on a whiteboard. First, she multiplied 32 by 10 to get 320. Then she added the original number, 32, to 320 to arrive at 352. "Why didn't teachers show us this?" a person commented